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    I'm not sure why, but I've been whining and complaining about The Contender, the new reality show from Sly Stallone and Mark Burnett. I've hated the concept from the beginning.....mostly because I don't get boxing, but also because I don't like boxing.

    Then I saw this article:

    And it totally bothers me that the network and producers don't even seem phased by this guy's death! Every article I've seen says nothing nice or positive about him from the people involved in the show. Perhaps they can't talk about it, but gives me one more reason to gripe about the show.

    Are you going to watch The Contender? Did this guy's death change your feelings about whether you'd watch it?

    *Also....if you can, explain why boxing is interesting in ten words or less.*

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    My dad was all up in boxing when I was younger. I don't get it... at all. I can't give you a reason why it's interesting. The only thing I like about boxing is that game at ESPN Zone where the computer tracks your body movements and you jab using your own force and then you get really tired and your arms feel like jelly.

    The Contender... the concept never meshed well with me. I just ignored it as "another reality show I'm not interested in watching".
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