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    I cannot stand that show. I hate being around whiney spoiled brats. That Ava got on my nerves when she cried at the dinner table.. My parents won't get me a car...boohoo boohoo... they totally just ruined my birthday.... :lol: I laughed......grrr that show truely gets on my nerves


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      And what's worse: they probably just go more money than I make in a year to be on the dumb show. Seriously though, what I want to see is HOW they got that much money in the first place so that I can follow suit. Who's with me?
      "Do it for me then. Your gaming buddies are going to be there too. It will be good for you kids to go out and blow the stink off yourselves for one night."

      "Fine. For you. And for the eradication of stink."


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        my daughter watches it. They all have acted like spolied little brats when I watched it. Of course my daughter is deeply offened when I point that out....LOL....


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          It is like watching a train wreck...

          I will watch it until my eyeballs fall out of my head. Dont' ask me why... but I just can't stop watching no matter HOW bad it is. I look at it as a "what NOT" to do with B.
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            I liked how the girl formerly from New Mexico talked about how pretty she was, how people stared at her all the time, etc., etc. Wow, not to be modest or anything.

            And the guy whose father spent a quarter of a million dollars on his party? It looked like only 50 showed up.


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              Who saw tonight's epsiode?


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                I think the partys cost to much money.More then some weddings.


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                  These spoiled brats must be the kids who talked really loud about their new Blackberry's and bugged the heck outta me on POTC.

                  It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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                    Ya know, I've never seen this show but I get the feeling that if I did - I'd simply go out and pound the living hell out of the first rich kid I saw.

                    Then I would toss back a brew with an indelible smile on my face.
                    "The old man's gonna knock on the sky. Listen to the sound."

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                      "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." Walt Disney

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                        HAHA I hate and love this show. Like people have said, car wreck, you just can't help but watch (Like "It's good to be..." on E!) and be jealous. It's not something I go out of my way to watch, but if it's on while I'm flipping stations, I usually watch. Usually I see them one of the hundred times they show it over the weekend.
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