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Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy


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  • Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy

    If you haven't seen any of the movies depicted in the show, then this post may
    contain spoilers for the following movies:
    -The Little Mermaid
    -The Lion King
    -Tinker Bell

    Before the show you could see displays of different Disney Princess gowns used in
    past shows, which led to a real life Cinderella welcoming you to Disney on Ice.

    Any time Disney characters are around is a good time.

    Mickey and Minnie are on yet another road trip(basically, any time you have a mixed
    show, it's usually Mickey and Minnie traveling through them), but they're stopped
    before they've started... their car has broken down! Not good. Naturally, Donald and
    Goofy show up to make it worse. The gang decides to split up and find water to cool
    down the engine.

    As the car sits alone, some other fellow cars come to see what's up. They decide that
    all this car needs is a pep talk from LIGHTNING McQUEEN!!! Mickey's car gets to meet
    McQueen, Mater and the rest of the crew from Radiator Springs. They drive around
    and honk their horns and leave. Mickey and Minnie come back to find the car raring
    to go.

    Goofy makes a big splash with the water that he found for the car, and we are
    washed "Under the Sea".

    If anyone doesn't know how The Little Mermaid progresses... message me.

    Also, The Lion King (I'm not the biggest fan, so I only took a few pictures. Oh, and I got ICEE splashed on my back.)...

    (End of Act 1)

    Which brings us to TINKER BELL ON ICE! (again, SPOILERS!)
    If you don't know the story, "the first time a baby laughs, a fairy is born/gets it's
    wings". The brand new fairy arrives, and the other fairies join to welcome her. They
    wonder what her talent will be: Flower Fairy, Water Fairy, Light Fairy, or Animal
    Fairy? MAYBE even a Speed Fairy! Nope, turns out she's a Tinker Fairy. Thus she is
    proclaimed "Tinker Bell".

    Well, the other Tinker Fairies are pretty goofy, and even
    worse, they don't get to go to the "Mainland" to turn the current season into the next,
    so Tink doesn't want to be a Tinker Fairy.

    The other fairies try to teach Tinker Bell
    how to do their talents, but it's no use.

    In a last ditch effort to be something she's not,
    Tinker Bell asks Vidia to help her, but she just ends up getting Tink in trouble, and
    ruins all of the preparations for spring.

    Everyone is angry at Tink, and Tink takes the
    blame, but Vidia taunts Tink by admitting that SHE was the one that put Tink up to it,
    so it's basically all HER fault. The Queen yells at her, and the fairies head to the
    Mainland to bring on the Spring.

    Mickey, Minnie and the gang FINALLY show up at
    their destination and enjoy Springtime with the Fairies.

    Everyone is happy. Especially ME!

    The End.
    It's actually "Cars Land", not "Carsland".

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    Re: Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy

    That looks fantastic! I'll have to keep an eye out for the next time a Disney on Ice show comes round. I've always wondered how they skate in those big costumes!


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      Re: Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy

      Great picture. Looking foward to seeing the sow.


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        Re: Disney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy

        Looks like a beautiful show! Thanks for sharing the pics.
        <3 There are a million cupcakes in the world but only one is Cupcake Terror. <3



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