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The Under Class Speaks


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  • The Under Class Speaks

    Notes from a Second-Class Citizenhere >>

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    Re: The Under Class Speaks

    I see this as a civil rights violation. Forget about the churches. Who cares if they sanction it or not? Who would want to be part of any church that doesn't welcome you with open arms? But to deny this basic civil right is horrible. And anyone who feels that same sex marriages somehow threatens or makes a mockery of traditional male/female marriages is an insecure, cowardly, uniformed bigot. Marriage is between two human beings. Not the rest of the world. And there are certainly thousands and thousands of straight marriages that should never have occurred. I applaud you for sharing your viewpoint, even though it doesn't have anything to do with Disney. And now, with such a wonderful change in store for the white house, we can only hope that this issue ceases to be an issue at all, and everyone can enjoy the SAME civil rights that we are entitled to as Americans.


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