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Special edition DVDs


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  • Special edition DVDs

    I'm hoping that someone will be able to guide me through the tangled web of Disney special edition DVDs.
    I've recently started collecting the Disney animated films on DVD, and - being something of an extras nut - decided from the outset to buy only the special, multi-disk editions, wherever possible. But I've run into difficulties, simply because there seem to be so many different editions out there!

    For example, what are the differences between "Special" and "Platinum" editions? Is the Platinum just an extra-Special edition?

    And why do only certain films appear to have Special and Platinum editions available? Could anyone give me a comprehensive list of what's out there?

    One last question - I was really looking forward to a Special edition of Alice In Wonderland, but can only find a "Masterpiece" edition. Is this a different class of Special edition again? Having read the back of the case, the extras don't seem all that wonderful.

    Any help or advice will be gratefully received!
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    Re: Special edition DVDs

    Like most products out there, the various names slapped on Disney DVDs mean very little.

    Platinum Editions are usually fully restored/enhanced versions of Classic movies, usually with extra footage added back into the movie (as in Lion Kings "Morning Report" or Beauty & Beast's "Human Again" songs)
    They also contain a lot on Disney history and put the films in context.
    These tend to be reserved for the biggies - so far we've had

    Snow White
    Beauty & Beast
    Lion King
    Oct 05 sees Cinderella
    March 06 is Lady & the Tramp
    Oct 06 is Little Mermaid
    Then I think that leaves March 07 Jungle Book and Oct 07 101 Dalmatians.
    Platinums are well worth getting.

    The best version of Alice In Wonderland is the Masterpiece edition, so pick that one up. (and the extras are pretty good...)
    The Special Editions of Mulan/Sleeping Beauty/Pinocchio are all worth getting.

    And then of course there is the whole Region 2 vs Region 1 debate....
    (For instance, I believe Pinocchio is deleted on Region One but available on Region Two:blink: )

    This site has a good breakdown of the various types, although it is Region One specific. (
    And this site is good for comparing the Regional differences. (

    Good luck wading thru the confusion...:bang: )

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      Re: Special edition DVDs

      Thanks for posting the link


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