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Have any Disney remakes improved the originals?

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  • Have any Disney remakes improved the originals?

    We all know that most every remake and sequel Disney (or any film company, for that matter) makes is, well, not up to snuff. Okay, so they're usually garbage. But after seeing the new "Parent Trap" for the first time (the day before Natasha Richardson died, no less) I realized it was a different kind of remake: one which actually respected the earlier film and didn't cynically exploit the name recognition for the sake of a quick buck. So which Disney remakes, if any, do you think improved the original films and why?

    My favorite: "Homeward Bound." If you never saw the original "Incredible Journey," you didn't miss much. The animals had no real personalities; they were just "the three animals." They had names, but who cared? The film was all narrated in third person voice over, which further distanced the viewer from the main characters. "Homeward Bound" fixed these problems by letting the characters speak for themselves.

    Second favorite: "The Parent Trap." This one fixed the one problem I had w/ the first movie. First time around, the new wife didn't look as embarrassingly young as they tried to make her out to be. Turns out the actress (Joanna Barnes) was only 26 at the time, but she could've easily passed for 10 years older than that. Second time around looked like he picked up a Vegas cocktail waitress.

    I put this in the Disney movie forum because I'm thinking specifically Disney, but let's see where it goes.
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