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Family Fun Magazine and it's "customer Service" Gimmie a Break


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  • Family Fun Magazine and it's "customer Service" Gimmie a Break

    So, I subscribe to Family Fun magazine. A year ago, I moved to NY and changed my subscription over. Suddenly, my husband started getting it too. After several weeks (yes weeks) and many e-mails, we finally stopped getting 2 copies (they were supposed to extend the superscription but didn't but I just let it go)

    Fast forward to last week, when I get THREE issues! One for me w/my married name, one w/maiden name and one w/my husband's name! LOL. Whatever, I'll just call them, since it took so long last time, I figure one call and it'll be done.

    But first I have to find the customer service number.... nope, not in the magazine. Go to the web site and somehow end up at Disney's customer service. Go back, find the CS for them magazine and.. they want me to fill out a form. Ugh, no, I finally find a page with a phone number. Yay!

    So I call and a very nice lady says she's sorry, she'd love to help but the systems are down for maintenance right now and to call back later. Took me longer to find the online number than the call did LOL

    Ok, these things happen, maintenance in the middle of the day sounds strange but all right. So I call back 2 hours later and another really nice lady says to call back in 2 to 3 DAYS because the system is still down. 2 DAYS? Seriously??!

    I feel like they are just jerking me around. I'll say again - both CSRs were really nice and friendly but I can't believe their systems will be down for days, esp. for maintenance.

    It's not worth calling back, esp. because I feel like I'm getting the runaround. I'll gladly let them waste paper and money and send me 3 issues each month - it's a LOT easier to chuck the 2 extra into the recycling bin than to call again.

    Just wanted to mention it... and to say that if you ever happen to get duplicate issues, just recycle the extra instead of calling about it lol.
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