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Zorro, So Dear, Monkey DVD @ DisneyShopping!

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  • Zorro, So Dear, Monkey DVD @ DisneyShopping!

    Great news!!! has made a deal with Disney Movie Club to carry certain Disney DVD titles that have never been in stores (after an exclusive window with the Club) with no membership strings attached!!! So we can get single copies without a Movie Club subscription or paying scalper prices in the secondary market!

    Their first offerings as of today:

    "So Dear to My Heart"

    So Dear To My Heart DVD |

    "The Monkey's Uncle"

    The Monkey's Uncle DVD |

    and "Zorro" Season 1 Box Set

    Zorro Complete First Season 45th Anniversary Edition - 5 Disc DVD |

    These are the same versions as the Disney Movie Club ("Zorro" is colorized, but at least available) and I'm sure they'll carry more titles if these do well. This may be a way we film buffs finally get easy access to more Walt era titles.

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    Re: Zorro, So Dear, Monkey DVD @ DisneyShopping!

    Still not going to see a non-colorized Zorro yet? Oh well. At least we can adjust the color on our TV sets.

    Know if it's a new colorization or the old colorization that they used to play on the Disney Channel in the 80s? I don't like colorization unless it's a director's choice... but, at least the newer techniques are much better than what we used to see.


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      Re: Zorro, So Dear, Monkey DVD @ DisneyShopping!

      this is good news . lets hope that song of the south will be next :whistling:


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        Re: Zorro, So Dear, Monkey DVD @ DisneyShopping!

        I can finally get Zorro on DVD without joining the club!!!!! Hopefully they'll release season 2 later this year. I heard a rumor that the Disney Treasures DVD sets this year would include Zorro. I'm wondering what episodes they decided to put on those discs. Maybe the 1 hour anthology episodes?
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