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It is a very good horror film


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  • It is a very good horror film

    This is a movie that I watch in the daytime :ctongue: If I do watch it at night I would have to turn on the lights :ctongue: There is just something about It that scares me. Ths unknown horror of seeing that something is not right when I see scenes from this film is what I think really scares me. By the way even though this movie scares me I do enjoy it

    One scene that I find really scary is when Beverly Marsh is talking about how one time when she was a child and that bully Henry Bowers was giving her a hard time. The movie flashes back to when you see Beverly Marsh as a child and these bullies (one of them being Henry Bowers) are giving her a hard time. Some man (this child knows this man) sees the child being bullied and the child thinks that this man is going to come help her, but he turns away and go inside and Beverly Marsh as an adult says "that is when it hit me that something was wrong in Derry" > By itself this scene does not seem that scary (though if I was a child being bullied by all those kids from School that would not be good) > What makes this scene so scary is that is really seems to hit on the fact that something is not right and there is this unknown horror. It was like the whole town of Derry and the people in the town are under some unknown horror spell.

    Anyways here is a link to this dvd. [ame=""] Stephen King's It: Richard Thomas, Tim Reid, Annette O'Toole, Harry Anderson, Dennis Christopher, Richard Masur, John Ritter, Tim Curry, Jonathan Brandis, Brandon Crane, Adam Faraizl, Seth Green, Tommy Lee Wallace, Allen S. Epstein, Jim G[/ame]

    So who all likes this movie? Also do you understand what I mean with the unknown horror in this film? A lot of the scenes in a way don't seem all that scary to me by itself, but something about those scenes seems very scary.
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    Re: It is a very good horror film

    I can't watch that movie. There's a clown.

    And, I'm scared of clowns.


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