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Developing contacts with WDI...


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  • Developing contacts with WDI...

    How can I??

    What are some tips I need and names to know???

    AS far as what capacity, I'm interested in the music composition aspect for films, rides, shows, etc. Does anybody here have any info that could help me???

    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: Developing contacts with WDI...

    Except in some very rare cases, WDI won't touch anyone that isn't proven. I have had the rare opportunity of working as a contractual show writer for WDI ... this was accomplished through a combination of 1) being good at what I do, 2) working hard at it, and 3) just being in the right place at the right time with the right friends.

    The best advice I can honestly give you is to work hard at your craft on your own, and as a freelancer with other companies. Don't actively pursue Disney at this point in time, necessarily. Work hard on your own - with originality being the key focus. Don't try to be Disney-esque. Just be good and original at what you do. Build your portfolio; make it solid. As your professional contacts expand, as your world expands, you will develop a large networking pool ... if a good deal of this work takes place in Los Angeles/Orange County, you'll eventually find a contact into the entertainment industry, and then into the Disney world.

    I'm sure there are more direct ways to go about this - I know nothing of their scouting or hiring policies with people who approach THEM, but this is an organic way of going into it. It takes hard work and dedication - but that's what is needed for true success in your own right and large contractual/freelance jobs with other companies as well.

    Best of luck!


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