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Ringers: Lord of the Fans


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  • Ringers: Lord of the Fans

    I was just reading about this new DVD and it sounded somewhat interesting. It's a dockumentary about the impact LOTR has had on worldwide pop culture over the last half century. The official site is here:
    Release date is November 22.

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    Re: Ringers: Lord of the Fans

    I've been following the making of this documentary for two years!! Here is the fan site that started it all:

    It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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      Re: Ringers: Lord of the Fans

      The below is a list of thing you should NOT do while watching the LOTR trilogy:

      1. Stand up halfway through the movie and yell loudly, "Wait... where's Harry Potter?"

      2. Block the entrance to the bathroom while screaming: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

      3. Play a drinking game where you have to take a sip every time someone says: "The Ring."

      4. Point and laugh whenever someone dies.

      5. Ask everyone around you if they think Gandalf went to Hogwarts.

      6. Finish off every one of Elrond's lines with "Mr. Anderson."

      7. When Aragorn is crowned king, stand up and at the top of your lungs sing, "And I did it.... MY way...!"

      8. Talk like Gollum all through the movie. At the end, bite off someone's finger and fall down the stairs.

      9. Dress up as old ladies and reenact "The Battle of Helms Deep" Monty Python style.

      10. When Denethor lights the fire, shout "Barbecue!"

      11. Every time Elrond appears, shout out (in your best 'Dobby' voice) "Clothes! Master gave Elrond Clothes!"

      12. In TTT when the Ents decide to march to war, stand up and shout "RUN FOREST, RUN!"

      13. Every time someone kills an Orc, yell: "That's what I'm Tolkien about!" See how long it takes before people start yelling at you.

      14. During a wide shot of a battle, inquire, "Where's Waldo?"

      15. Talk loudly about how you heard that there is a single frame of a nude Elf hidden somewhere in the movie.

      16. Start an Orc sing-a-long.

      17. Go to a theater showing LOTR dressed as Frankenfurter and wander around looking terribly confused.

      18. When they go in the paths of the dead, wait for tense moment and shout, "I see dead people!"

      19. Imitate what you think a conversation between Gollum, Dobby and Yoda would be like.

      20. Release a jar of daddy-long-legs during the Shelob scene.

      21. Wonder out loud if Aragorn is going to run for governor of California.

      22. When Shelob comes on, exclaim, "Man! Charlotte's really let herself go!"

      24. After the movie, say "Lucas could have done it better."

      25. Whenever Legolas is on screen say, "Still the prettiest!"
      Growing older is manditory
      Growing up is however, optional


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        Re: Ringers: Lord of the Fans

        26. Every time an orc kills someone, say "Killed by orcs, stupid orcs."

        Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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          Re: Ringers: Lord of the Fans

          Originally posted by OogieBoogie
          The below is a list of thing you should NOT do while watching the LOTR trilogy:

          25. Whenever Legolas is on screen say, "Still the prettiest!"
          I'll have to find a new pasttime now. *sigh*

          It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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