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Corp. Gadfly Evelyn Davis Weds Fan


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  • Corp. Gadfly Evelyn Davis Weds Fan

    If you've ever been to a shareholder meeting (or heard it's webcast), you probably know Evelyn Davis. She is a "corporate gadfly" who isn't afraid to speak out with her thick dutch accent. Towards the begining of meetings, she is normally cheered for because she is saying what everyone else is thinking. However, towards the end of meetings, people cheer when someone tries to shut her up (Michael Eisner once had to do this). Anywho, she got married. Is this big news? No. Am I extremely bored? Yes.

    Corp. gadfly Evelyn Davis weds fan
    Davis, vocal activist shareholder, met fourth husband after he sent her 3 fan letters.
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Plenty of famous investors have fans, but very few marry them.
    That didn't stop corporate gadfly Evelyn Y. Davis, who on Wednesday wed James Patterson, a retired U.S. foreign service official.
    <!-- var clickExpire = &quot;10/15/2005&quot;; //--> "He sent me three fan letters," said Davis in a phone interview Thursday from her home in Washington's Watergate building. "I was very reluctant to meet him at first, because I get so many fan letters from all over the country, and I never answer them. But what caught my eye was that he was in my neighborhood."
    Davis, 76, is well-known as an activist shareholder who is unafraid to take U.S. chief executives to task for decisions with which she disagrees. Often she confronts them publicly at annual shareholder meetings.
    In 1998, when Chrysler Chairman Robert Eaton was overseeing the automaker's takeover by Germany's Daimler-Benz, Davis, a Holocaust survivor, accused him of selling the company to "war criminals."
    Patterson, 50, is Davis' fourth husband. She said he did not want to speak with the press, quipping that "he lives to talk to me."
    The couple will be heading off to Bermuda in October for a honeymoon.
    "Women are still very jealous of me ... even with three husbands they were jealous of me," said Davis. "I still have this way with men."
    Still, Davis said she hoped her marriage could be an example to other women her age.
    "Why can't a women marry a younger man?" she said. "It is so ridiculous. When a man marries a woman much younger, nobody thinks anything about it."
    She also hinted that she had other offers, saying "a lot of men are broken-hearted that I got married."
    “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney

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