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'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival


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  • 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

    CNN is reporting that the highly prestigious spot of opening The Cannes Film Festival was entrusted to a Pixar film, and the animation studio did not disappoint.

    The audience (who traditionally will either whistle or slam thier seats to show thier dislike for a film) did little but cheer the movie and declare that Pixar is now 10 for 10.

    Variety's Todd McCarthy, who attended the viewing, said "The film is a captivating odd-couple adventure that becomes funnier and more exciting as it flies along. The two leading men are 78 and 8 years old, and the age range of those who will appreciate the picture is even a bit wider than that."

    It looks like we are in for a great treat from Pixar on May 29th.

    For the full story, please go to An 'Up' note to Cannes opening: Pixar goes 10 for 10 -
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    Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

    I've heard nothing but positive things about the film so far. It sounds like Pixar has another smash hit on their hands - even if they are opening on the MiceChat Gumball Rally weekend
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      Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival


      I am looking forward to seeing it on opening weekend!
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        Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

        Luckily having seen it already, I can say that I think it's Pixar's best. I look forward to seeing it again in 3D. Glad everyone seems to feel the same about the movie.
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          Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

          Sounds like a winner! I'll be there opening day with my 3-D glasses :geek:


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            Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

            Whew! That's encouraging news after a lot of bad news about Disney's earnings lately.


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              Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

              I saw it in 3D on Wednesday. I've learned to never question PIXAR and what they can pull off. Most of the females actually admitting to crying since the story deals with some new material that one doesn't normally see in an animated film. PIXAR is willing to take risk and hopefully they will win BIG. It's sad when they make $250 million on a film and it's considered a slight failure (see recent Pixar Box Office). This movie will touch you, it will make you laugh, it will make you reassess your life's goals and it will leave you wondering where all these great PIXAR stories come from.


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                Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

                I have a question that maybe someone here might know an answer to.

                I have seen some of the recent Disney movies that were in 3d and still have my glasses. Do i need to pay the extra fee for the glasses every time i go or can i just take the same ones and tell the box office that i have my own.

                I notice that a lot of people throw them in the recycle bin right outside the doors but i have always kept mine for this same reason. I just had not asked


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                  Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

                  ^Neither the theatre exhibitors nor the studios offer a B.Y.O.3D.G. discount.
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                    Re: 'Up' opens Cannes Film Festival

                    There is an extra fee for glasses
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