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Disney buys land in Washington DC area.


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  • Disney buys land in Washington DC area.

    Disney buys land in Washington DC area for resort.

    Disney announced today that it is planning another Hotel Resort project in the Washington DC area.

    Walt Disney Co. has bought a 15-acre parcel at Prince George's County's sprawling National Harbor development, a shot in the arm for a project that opened with big ambitions a year ago, only to run headfirst into one of the sharpest economic declines in decades.

    Disney plans to build a 500-room hotel resort on the parcel, providing another anchor for a 300-acre venture that seeks to rival the District as a conference and convention destination. National Harbor already includes six hotels; more than a dozen restaurants; and a giant conference center run by Gaylord Entertainment, owner of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
    It was probably a good time to buy/invest.
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    Re: Disney buys land in Washington DC area.

    An empty lot at the end of American Way is part of the parcel Disney bought.

    I didn't see this before, has there been any news? And why aren't they buying something with better views of the water?
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