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The S.S Disney, an incredible WDI project of a "floating Disneyland" (Merged Threads)


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  • The S.S Disney, an incredible WDI project of a "floating Disneyland" (Merged Threads)

    The S.S Disney project was one of WDI most secret project. No one ever heard about this incredible idea to transform a super tanker in a "floating theme park" that would have sail from port to port around the world.

    Guests would have found on board 18 attractions including an Orbitron, Casey Jr. Train, a large Ferris Wheel, Alice in Wonderland’s spinning Tea Cups, Dumbo, and a Fantasyland Carousel. Other attractions included Peter Pan’s Flight, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Indiana Jones, Star Tours, a 3D movie theatre, and even It’s Small World and Space Mountain roller coaster!
    No Kidding. All this on a transformed super-tanker. Incredible.

    Discover more about this AMAZING project with the interview of former Imagineer Mark Hickson - who was in charge of the project - here:

    Disney and more: The " S.S Disney " , an incredible WDI project - Interview with Mark Hickson

    And let me know what you think of this amazing S.S Disney project!
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    Floating Disneyland Park on a Ship! Really!

    Alain Littaye over at Disney and More has a true and amazing article/interview about 1994 plans for a floating Disney theme park.
    This Imagineer rocks the idea. This is true. Go there now!

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      re: The S.S Disney, an incredible WDI project of a "floating Disneyland" (Merged Threads)

      I had forgotten about this project. I had a friend who was working with Mark Hickson on it. The blog article is very good and is very accurate from what my friend told me about it.

      I think that it's still workable but with the down economy I do not think that we will see it anytime soon. But the one thing about Disney is that they never toss out any ideas.
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        re: The S.S Disney, an incredible WDI project of a "floating Disneyland" (Merged Threads)

        That's really cool, I hadn't heard about this before as far as I can recall. Thanks for posting.
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          Re: The S.S Disney, an incredible WDI project of a &quot;floating Disneyland&quot; (Merged Thre

          Wow, that sounds really awesome. I can't imagine it having come to fruition, but just imagining would it would have been like if it had is pretty great. The model pictures are surreal!

          I can see it now - a Rally to visit SS Disney at its every port of call. Wouldn't that have been something?


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