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Walt Disney Theatrical: Nuse and mewsings


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  • Walt Disney Theatrical: Nuse and mewsings

    Ha, get my joke^? News and musings? Ha? Never mind.

    So anyway, so far, Disney has it's fingers in;

    Beauty and the Beast
    The Lion King

    Mary Poppins
    The Lion King

    Aida - MELBOURNE
    The Lion King - BERLIN

    Mary Poppins - NEW YORK
    Tarzan - NEW YORK
    The Little Mermaid - NEW YORK
    Aladdin - NEW YORK
    Beauty and the Beast - LONDON (for one season after it leaves NYC)
    Spellbound - NEW YORK

    Right, I missed Beauty when it first came to London and I will definitely be watching it when it returns in four years time - and by then, I will have saved enough money to travel to New York and see The Little Mermaid, and possibly Aladdin, although TLM I have GOT to see.

    I have never really been interested in the Lion King - neither musical or film, which I know are different from one another.

    Tarzan sounds OK, but the cartoon never really caught me, and although I loved the film, Mary Poppins has never appealed to me on stage although I am practically on it's doorstep. Or should Mary be on my doorstep?

    I wouldn't give up the chance to see BatB and the LM on stage for this, but I would much rather prefer Mulan to Tarzan. Mulan is a wonderful film, and watching the DVD last night has definitely renewed my interest in it. The artwork is absolutely stunning, and the music sends the hairs on my neck standing tall. I would love to see it on stage, whether it be NYC or London, but I have always wondered why not in a Disney park?

    I did wonder what they will do with Aladdin at DCA when a much more extravagant counterpart opens in NYC, but then I remembered BatB at MGM has happily lived alongside it's NYC and London counterparts for 10 years.

    Ok, so I've blabbered. But answer these three questions for me;
    1. Not including Aladdin, the Little Mermaid or Tarzan, what Disney animated feature would you go and watch on stage may it be Broadway or the West End?
    2. What Disney animated feature would you go and watch on stage in a Disney park? (Not including BatB, Aladdin, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Snow White, or any other that has been dramatized at a Disney park)
    3. Which one would you rather visit out of Tarzan, the Little Mermaid, or Aladdin?

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    Re: Walt Disney Theatrical: Nuse and mewsings

    Where did you hear about Beauty returning to London? I hadn't heard that.

    Aladdin isn't coming to Broadway (thank God). Poppins is supposed to be mind-blowing, Mermaid will be great if it can survive its inept director, and Tarzan is all ready a hit and tickets haven't yet gone on sale.


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      Re: Walt Disney Theatrical: Nuse and mewsings

      I would love to see Poppins and Mermaid! It's about time! Too bad it takes forever to get to Hollywood from NY and London.

      Beauty was amazing. Lion King wasn't that wonderful, although many people like it better.
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        Re: Walt Disney Theatrical: Nuse and mewsings

        Oh dear god let Aladdin be its own thing completely uninspired by Anne "My Musicals Work Better than Ambien" Hamburger....

        Can't wait to see Mary Poppins tho!!!
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          Re: Walt Disney Theatrical: Nuse and mewsings

          Mary Poppins definatley and TLM Sounds like it might be intersting. On stage #1, is a Great story, Great Music, and Great Script. I hope for all there successes, but I think DCA's Aladdin will do just fine for him.
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