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Classic Disney Movie About the "Future"?

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  • Classic Disney Movie About the "Future"?

    Hey everyone,

    I've been trying to remember the name of this movie from Disney that I saw so long ago, and I just can't get it. So, I thought I'd turn it over to the knowledgeable people on this forum to help me out.

    It was a short film(possibly hour long) that illustrated a vision of the future. Basically what today would have been like if it was put in the hands of the imagineers. Trains would bring fresh produce straight from the fields and DIRECTLY into the supermarkets. Things like that.

    Can anyone please help me out on this title?


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    Re: Classic Disney Movie About the "Future"?

    That was an episode of the Disney anthology series (at the time it first aired, it was titled "Disneyland"), originally broadcast on 5/14/1958, titled Magic Highway, U.S.A. It's one of my all-time favorites. Clips of it can be found on YouTube.

    Here's some blog entries about it!

    Paleo-Future: Disney's Magic Highway, U.S.A. (1958)

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