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Children's Place Just Opened a Newly Remodeled Disney Store!


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  • Children's Place Just Opened a Newly Remodeled Disney Store!

    After about a 3 month closure, the Disney Store at Paradise Valley Mall,
    here in the Metro Phoenix are just Reopened for business today, after a
    lenghthy make-over.

    I know, there have been a Bazillion updates in the "Disney Store"
    look since the first ones opened, (back in the late 80's, I think) BUT
    this is the 1st new look to the store since Childrens Place took ownership.

    It does have a Mickey Mouse shaped Circular entrance, white, outlined in red. The entrance does have two smaller windows on either side of the entrance, where they were displaying a couple things, but no separate window showcase as the 1st few Disney Stores had. The sign that say "Disney Store" is in a smaller red circle on either side of the entrance. It really doesn't present a friendly/welcome greeting at all.

    The flooring throughout the store, is now mostly a white tile (can you say "K-Mart"?), instead of the previous carpet. The colors are mostly just white. Bleah!! Very few Character displays at all.

    They did tear down a couple walls, and storage room. The manager said that it gave them more room for more merchandise on the sales floor, which is good if they add a wider variey of merchandise and merchandise for adults (which slowly seems to be the case, but I still remain on the cautious side until I see some additional merchandise.)

    They Still have a video screeen on the very back wall, but just one screen, not divided into 4 sections, like before. The stuffed critters are still a good portion of the store, and they are on adjustable shelves which have an elastic rope, to keep the critters from falling off the shelves (good idea). The same is true for the beanie baby displays.

    Just inside, and past the initial display is a tall Sorcerer Mickey display, up on his rock, with several brooms holding buckets close to the floor. The buckets are containers for some smaller merchandise items. Very clever design. Most of the ceiling is finishished in black ceiling tiles, except for a larger area above the Sorcerer Mickey, which has a white oblong area with smaller lights, shining downward. The manager said the lights change color, but they looked mostly white to me.

    There is a cute small corner that a Tic-Toc Crock coming out of a circular area in the floor, about 3 feet high. That was cute, too, but should be quite a bit bigger, considering it is Tick Tock.

    The check out has huge Mickey glove at either side of the check out, that
    are used to hold other merchandise. In front of the counter are Huge yellow Mickey Shoes, also containers for other merchandise. Cute idea, but I'm sure tons of people are going to be tripping over this giant yellow obstacles.

    I'm glad there is a Disney Store open at P.V. Mall again, but can help the feeling that I stepping into a hospital emergeny room.

    All the shelves in this new store are those adjustable type things, but these are all made out of some cheap looking thin white plastic. I was looking at a couple of the snowglobes, (which I don't collect, but really looked cool.) When I placed the snowglobe backon this tiny little cheap piece of plastic shelf, that is suppose to be able to handle up to 45 lbs, according to the manager. I couldn't help but think that this shelf would come crashing down with the weight of the snowglobe.

    Oh, one other thing that is brand new, the store does have one dressing room now.

    Overall, the design of these Disney Stores has gone down hill after the Inital design. This new design is unfortunately the worst of all, really disappointing. But If the merchandise is improved upon, they could persuade me to purchase more items there.
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    Re: Children's Place Just Opened a Newly Remodeled Disney Store!

    i agree with the overall design. i enjoyed seeing the characters up on by the ceiling. it is depressing to see them gone. i would of liked to have them. what i did like is the crocodile coming out of the pool on the ground. i sat my nine month old son in his mouth and he looked hilarious.

    i hope they add more personal touches to the store(s).


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