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    The film about Michael Jackson named "This Is It", pronounced like "this is IT!?" is scheduled for just a 2 week run starting next month. Tickets go on sale next week but I have to say that this is absolutely shameful of Sony to only put this film out for 2 weeks. This is simply a "killer app" for their Blu-Ray player because the Blu-Ray disc will obviously be available for much, much longer than 2 weeks. This is Sony seeing an investment opportunity with no respect for the film's special content and subject. Keep people just interested enough then launch a massive Blu-Ray campaign to get Michael's loyal fans to see him in the best picture possible.

    I am not surprised that even in death Michael Jackson is not getting a fair shake. He loved his fans and appreciated them more than any other celebrity ever could. He never skimped on anything and always made sure to give his fans the best of everything, whether it was a music video, concert or CD release. He worked incredibly hard to give so many people so many precious moments, he would try and make this film available to as many people as humanly possible. I'm sure he'd even give away a huge number of tickets just to make sure everyone that wanted to see it could.

    Now, I have to admit I'm going to rent the DVD of this movie so I'm guilty of supporting this kind of blatant exploitation, but I simply have no choice if I want to see the last footage ever released of one of the greatest pop icons of all time. If I had $60 million to kick around I would just buy the footage myself, but like everyone else I'm pretty much stuck with Sony. At least This IS It as far as Michael getting screwed goes. People were always trying to take advantage of him in life and it's very, very sad that even in death Sony is capitalizing on such a tragic loss.

    Speaking purely from a business standpoint (and playing devil's advocate), it really is a brilliant marketing move on Sony's part. Blu-Ray hasn't really edged itself into the market at all and DVD still remains a huge part of the market. By creating a special 2-disc Blu-Ray set and an average, everyday DVD, they are going to sell a million Blu-Ray players just so people can see this film in all its high-def glory. It doesn't excuse anything, but I can see where Sony's position stands... from a cold and heartless point of view of course.

    I'm seeing the film for you, Michael... not for Sony. And hopefully Bob comes around and let's us all experience Captain EO one last time. Controversial: baloney. He was never proven guilty of anything, which in this country means he is innocent, and his legacy now overshadows any in-discretions he might have faced in life. We miss you, Michael!

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