This is one of those subtle things that happened when Bob Iger decided to gentrify the Disney brands and get rid of Buena Vista, but does it annoy anybody that Disney no longer use the proper "Disney's" and "Walt Disney's" on the DVD titles, instead just using "Disney" and "Walt Disney"?




It's almost as bad as "The Disney Store" becoming "Disney Store". It's all part of Iger's attempt to treat Disney more as a brand and not a name of an actual person and an actual group of people (WDAS), which I think is wrong. Honestly, I bet it's going to get to the point where Disney don't actually make anything anymore, just licence.

It's hard to see, but they also redrew the "Walt Disney" script (and changed from Times to... Trajan?), and it doesn't look half as good - it's too thin now: