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Goonies Day -Oct 26-

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  • Goonies Day -Oct 26-

    So tomorrow, or today in some parts of the world already, it's Goonies Day. A day we came up with over at the message boards.

    What's Goonies Day? Well us fans figured out that the day The Goonies go on their adventure in the movie is Oct 26. We just all watch the movie on this day.

    I'm going to be watching it as it's on my Halloween list. Anybody else going to watch it? Ya I know, we're geeks, but who isn't. :lol: Maybe this could be started up as an annual tradition, like Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day.

    Goonies never say die!

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    Re: Goonies Day -Oct 26-

    Who r all the actors? Some look familiar.
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      Re: Goonies Day -Oct 26-

      Originally posted by DeathDealer View Post
      Who r all the actors? Some look familiar.
      Sean Astin. He played Rudy in "Rudy," and Samwise in the LotR trilogy.
      Josh Brolin. He played W in W, Dan White in Milk, and Llewelyn Moss (the guy who found the money) in No Country or old Men.
      Corey Feldman. In Stand by Me and Lost Boys.
      John Matuszak. Unrecognizable. played football for the Oakland Raiders.
      Joey "Pants" Pantaliano. Played the pimp in Risky Business, Ritchie Valens' manager, a mob underboss in Sopranos, Cosmo in Fugitive and US Marshals, etc.
      Martha Plimpton. Played one of the kids in Parenthood. the one with Keanu as her boyfriend.
      Kerri Green was in Lucas.


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        Re: Goonies Day -Oct 26-

        The Asian kid (Key-Huy Quan is his name if I remember correctly) played "Short Round" in Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom