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Epic Mickey?


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  • Epic Mickey?

    Has anyone heard about the new video game "epic mickey" that is supposed to come out in 2010? I am not sure how I feel about this. Any thoughts or comments?
    If you look it up on wikipedia an article should come up.
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    Re: Epic Mickey?

    This game is going to be truly awesome.
    Game On Nintendo Blog Archive Epic Mickey: First Screens
    An epic amount of Epic Mickey media
    GoNintendo - Game Informer reveals the first information on Epic Mickey

    The basic premise for the game is that Yensid has created a model world that he keeps on his desk for the forgotten toon characters of Disney to live. The very first resident being Oswald (Disney got the rights to Oswald back from Universal specifically to make this game). One day, Mickey goes through the looking glass in his room (reference to the cartoon) and ends up in Yensid's office. He sees the model and plays with it, spilling ink and paint thinner on it. This ink blot ends up becomming the main villain (the blot).

    Throughout the game play you are in control of HOW you play it. Are you the nice friendly Mickey or are you the more mischievous Mickey of the earlier cartoons (yes, he often got into trouble and scraps in his early years)?

    They have taken the look of Mickey back to his earlier self as well. Much more elastic in motion as well as look. Disney has gotten one of the best known people in the game industry to do this game and it is one of the more anticipated releases for 2010. Amazingly, another of the most is the Disney racing game called Split Second (through Blackrock Studios). This is an amazing chance for Disney to bring back Mickey as he was originally imagined and conceived for a new generation to grow to love. If the game does well it could mark a resurgence for Mickey shorts.

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      Re: Epic Mickey?

      Yes, MiceChat has another thread about the game.



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