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New President - New Structure for Walt Disney Pictures


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  • New President - New Structure for Walt Disney Pictures

    Rich Ross has a new structure for Walt Disney Pictures. They are outlined to "an emphasis that reflects former Disney Channel chief Ross' emphasis on brands that can be utilized through the Disney company's many businesses".

    What this means is expect more movie tie-in's in the parks, more cross-promotion on ABC, etc.

    Rich Ross restructures Disney movie studio | Company Town | Los Angeles Times

    Rich Ross is putting his mark on Walt Disney Studios, bringing over a technology guru from Pixar and promoting the home entertainment chief to a newly created job. In addition, Jim Gallagher, the president of marketing, has left the studio.
    The moves reflect Ross' attempt, in close coordination with Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Iger, to remake the studio to better reflect the new ways audiences are viewing movies in theaters, at home and on digital devices.
    "The studio restructuring will embrace new possibilities and opportunities and find innovative ways to provide quality entertainment that is readily available," Ross said in a statement.
    Bob Chapek, formerly president of home entertainment, has been promoted to the newly created role of president of distribution, in which he will oversee distribution across all platforms, including movie theaters, DVDs, pay TV and digital. In recent years, Chapek has led the studio's digital initiatives, particularly with Apple Inc.'s iTunes Store. Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs is the largest individual shareholder of Walt Disney Company stock. Chuck Viane, previously president of distribution, will continue to oversee theatrical distribution and will now report to Chapek.
    Greg Brandeau, who oversaw technology at Disney-owned animation studio Pixar from 1996 through 2001 and again starting in 2004, is taking the newly created role of chief technology officer.
    Alan Bergman, a 13-year studio veteran who is currently president of Walt Disney Studios, retains that job and adds oversight of "studio franchises," an emphasis that reflects former Disney Channel chief Ross' emphasis on brands that can be utilized through the Disney company's many businesses.
    * more at the link

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    Re: New President - New Structure for Walt Disney Pictures

    So far so good for the new President


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      Re: New President - New Structure for Walt Disney Pictures

      I read this (and posted it here on MC, somewhere) and it made my skin crawl.


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        Re: New President - New Structure for Walt Disney Pictures

        I have already received an on line poll from Disney about the new stuff they are planning to introduce in releasing new movies to the public. Since I am dead set against any type of digital download or watching a full length feature on my computer I checked only the choices of Buy DVD/Blu Ray or See It In A Theater. I want to see a blockbuster movie on a big screen with incredible sound and when it does come out on home media I want the package to hold and read and have the disc to play in my DVD/Blu Ray Player on my big flat screen TV. I will have a blu ray player and 32" flat screen HD TV soon and that's the way I want to see my movies. I don't think digital downloading is all that great anyway. We are rushing way too fast into the so called digital age and neither we nor it is anywhere near ready. We depend too much on digital technology right now anyway. We should learn from past mistakes about rushing head long into new technology before it's fully tested and made hacker proof. The banks are experiencing this right now with people checking accounts being stolen right out the banks through on line banking. Cable and Dish Sattelite digital media is not ready yet either. I have Time Warner Cable and they are expesnive and we get constant pixalation of pictures or freezing pictures that sit there for 5 minutes sometimes right at a most important moment in the show or movie. I understand from someone who switched to AT&T that this problem is even worse with them and they offer no help whereas TW usually will send someone out to check things, even though that never seems to solve the problems, at least they are trying. I don't know about Dish Network or Direct TV but I have heard good and bad about both. Too bad that the networks and manufactureres have jumped on the bandwagon so fast that the only way to get a TV signal now is through digital means.
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          Re: New President - New Structure for Walt Disney Pictures

          In less than eight weeks, Rich Ross has swiftly stamped his imprimatur on Walt Disney Studios. The novice movie chairman and his boss, Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Bob Iger, want to create a new business model for Hollywood to address the sweeping changes that are roiling the entertainment industry, including slumping DVD sales and the growing role the Internet plays in movie marketing.

          Seeking to recast the studio for the digital era, Ross and Iger have set in motion a plan to dramatically challenge entrenched practices, potentially pitting Disney against theater owners, retailers and other business partners. The gambit, if it works, could be emulated by other studios.

          If it backfires, it could undermine what has historically been the creative heart of Disney.
          Disney Studios drama might alter the industry --


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