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Here is the Mad Hatter�s third treat for his subjects


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  • Here is the Mad Hatter�s third treat for his subjects

    The Mad Hatter released this statement:

    "Although you’ve made me late for a VERY important date, I’m still appreciative for those of you who truly are the most wonderful subjects. For trying to help me reach my goal, I will share this last piece. Maybe if we had achieved my goal, I might have shared more – but, one can never tell what else is in store."

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      Originally posted by Stitchy View Post
      Wow. That's cool. I was happy to see the HUGE banners at the theater this weekend. I was trying to figure out how to scale the wall (spidey style) and nab the Hatter one.
      If you know somebody who works in a theater you can ask them because employees tend to get dibs on that stuff. My sister's getting the hatter from her friend who has a theater job. And my uncle happens to have some office job for a theater chain down here and he tends to get promotional items so I'm calling him to get dibs on stuff for me.
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