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Disney Project Aims to Play Film on Any Device (Key Chest)


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  • Disney Project Aims to Play Film on Any Device (Key Chest)

    Not sure if this should be in this section or the business section, but I didn't find it mentioned on MiceChat during a quick scan. And I'm interested in what folks in the Entertainment Lounge think about this. I just learned about it from someone at work today, but apparently it was announced last month.

    I like having the hard media and love to collect the different kinds of packaging, plus I think the quality of the downloads would be as high a quality as is available on hard media. So I don't think I'll be a big consumer of this. But that's just me. I think the majority will be folks not like me, and this may be a big hit for Disney over time. What do you think?

    Walt Disney Co. will launch new technology code -named Keychest by next month which will benefit the entertainment companies that is in accordance with the latest trends in entertainment where the customers have made TV sets and DVD players somewhat obsolete and rather use cell phones or computers for the same. Disney trusts that with key-chest technology the interest in Blu-ray and DVD can be prolonged as the viewers would rights to watch the movie in different ways which includes the traditional disc.
    With this technology the word ownership gets an entirely new meaning as it stands for right to access rather than possess. The consumers need to make one-time payment to access a movie or TV show from the internet which can be played on iPhones or cable services that have on demand movie viewing and it would also support online movie subscriptions. The company has been wooing movie studios and technology companies by giving them demo performance of Keychest.
    Disney Project Aims to Play Film on Any Device | TopNews New Zealand

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