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  • The Black Hole

    Yes, the remake is in the works:
    Tron Team Enters BLACK HOLE

    Walt Disney is planning on bringing back another one of their 1970s properties and it seems they're hiring the men behind Tron: Legacy to lead it.

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    Re: The Black Hole

    Hmmmn, sounds interesting.

    I saw the original in the theaters back in the 70's.
    Disney cashing in on the Star Wars flavor of the month mentality.

    Just hope it's not a Return to Witch Mountain remake disaster.

    Just don't have the "Rock" in it.

    Of course the verdict is not in on the TRON remake either.
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      Re: The Black Hole

      Kosinski must be reading plays form my book. I loved both these movies and always felt they could be bigger with modern tech and storytelling. here's hoping they live up to that potential.


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        Re: The Black Hole

        If they retool that stupid ending...I mean whatever. Make us care of characters and then....

        Come to think of it, I wrote a sequel. Strangely, they aren't calling me. Go figure.

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          Re: The Black Hole

          If they want to do this movie on a budget, all they got to do is go over to CERN and...


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            Re: The Black Hole

            this question is regarding the original, not the remake: the surviving palomino crew members: did they get home? or are they still trapped in the black hole?

            and..................the landscape that was seen shortly after we see rheinhart floating in space, was that in the black hole, or was that hell?

            anyhoo, I agree that the remake should be scripted properly and the cast should be suitable to the characters.

            In fact, I think that Roy Disney should either write the script, or direct the picture........


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