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Rumors of a Tron Trilogy and the return of 'The Black Hole'


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  • Rumors of a Tron Trilogy and the return of 'The Black Hole'

    The blog Blue Sky Disney recently had a article about Tron Legacy which I thought I should share. Here's what Honor Hunter at had to say:

    It appears that the Suits in Burbank are very happy, albeit somewhat nervous of the price tag of "Tron Legacy" with the latest screenings.

    It appear that some are feeling what "The Matrix" was to the 1990's, this could be to the coming decade. When I spoke with one of my Bothans last night that's the impression they got. Although the budget for the film is quite high, it's not at the level of "Avatar." But from the footage seen, the executives are looking at planning out a trilogy of films (or Tetralogy if you count the original). Not that they hadn't hoped it would be something they could make sequels to. But there is already talk of another script and planning has quietly gotten underway. It's preliminary, embryonic stuff of course, but Disney is feeling that confident in what next Christmas could hold for Walt Disney Pictures.

    That would be a complete turnaround from the year of disappointment that 2009 has been. Besides "Up" and the soon to be released "The Princess and the Frog," there hasn't really been much to celebrate. That could all change next year with the release of "Alice in Wonderland," "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," "Toy Story 3," "Rapunzel," and "Tron Legacy," naturally. The Mouse is going to take a major stab at putting its imprint on being at the top of the box office in 2010.

    and that's not all. There is now talk that a remake is going to be done of Disney's Sci-Fi classic 'The Black Hole':

    The Hollywood Reporter is breaking that Joseph Kosinski, Sean Bailey and screenwriter Travis Beacham have been attached to create a remake of Disney's "The Black Hole." This is great news as it's something I've always felt was a great property for a remake. Then again, I thought Witch Mountain would be a great remake, but it all depends on the material and the people associated with it. "Race to Witch Mountain" had the wrong people attached to it and weak material to film. There was a great story there that was squandered. This one appears to have the right people attached from the get go.

    It looks like Bailey isn't through with his Disney remakes/prequels/sequels as he was one of the producers on Disney's 20K Nemo prequel. That feel through, but this one looks to be a go for the new Ross regime. I was worried from some of the stuff I've seen Ross quoted as saying a Disney film should be, but this gives me more confidence in the man and his decision making abilities. Looks like Kosinski has a project to do in between Tron sequels.

    Check a look at Decadent Dave's post about a remake of The Black Hole last year on this subject; turns out he's a prophet

    Using today's technology (and with Steve Jobs working so close with Disney now), I have a feeling that the Disney Sci-Fi fans are going to be in for a big treat.
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    Re: Rumors of a Tron Trilogy and the return of 'The Black Hole'

    Very interesting!


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      Re: Rumors of a Tron Trilogy and the return of 'The Black Hole'

      i soooooo love The Black Hole, in all its cheesy glory
      Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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