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Ross cancels 'Wedding Banned', 'Dogs' to blame


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  • Ross cancels 'Wedding Banned', 'Dogs' to blame

    Less than a month after beaching “Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” new Walt Disney chief Rich Ross has put the kibosh on “Wedding Banned,” a romantic comedy to have starred Robin Williams, Anna Faris and Diane Keaton.

    The studio has put the project into turnaround, and the production company, Mandeville Films, is free to shop it around town.
    The movie was being groomed for a shoot in 2010, but this week Ross made the decision to untether the project. One factor in the decision was the poor showing of the Robin Williams comedy “Old Dogs,” which has grossed just $35 million since its November 25 opening.
    Disney’s Rich Ross objects to ‘Wedding’ | The Hollywood Reporter | Risky Business | Film Reviews, Movie News and Interviews

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    Re: Ross cancels 'Wedding Banned', 'Dogs' to blame

    It still amazes me that Hollywood execs would blame the underperformance of Old Dogs on Robin Williams. Make a good film and people will go see it, regardless of who's starring in it. Have they learnt nothing from the success of District 9, Paranormal Activity etc?

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