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  • Animation community charitable auction

    Amazing one-of-a-kind original artwork from Disney and Pixar animators such as Glen Keane, Mark Henn, Roger Allers, Floyd Norman, Pete Docter, Victor Navone and many more. Plus works celebrating the talents of Mary Blair, John Lounsbery, Frank Thomas, Marc Davis, Ollie Johnston, Charles Schultz and more has been donated to

    The auction launches January 21, 2010
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    Re: Animation community charitable auction

    More great original artwork and very cool Disney, Pixar and more animation collectibles are still being added. Chris Sanders ('Lilo & Stitch', 'How to train your Dragon') has just contributed some new artwork, WDAS donated a 'The Princess and the Frog' advance on-sheet hand-signed by all of the Supervising Animators, the co-directors and John Lasseter and Brad Bird has contributed wonderful hand-signed items from his films, 'The Incredibles', 'Ratatouille' and 'The Iron Giant'!

    JANUARY 21st!

    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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      Re: Animation community charitable auction

      Official Press Release


      BURBANK, CA – January 20, 2010 - On Thursday, January 21, the National Cartoonists Society Foundation (NCSF) will be launching a fund-raising auction of original art by America's top cartoonists who donated their work to help one of their own in his time of need.

      In August of 2009, Matthew Hodge, the teenage son of former Disney and Veggie Tales artist Tim Hodge, was in a car accident involving a train in rural Tennessee placing him into a coma. After the initial stay in the hospital, the Hodge's short term insurance policy wouldn't cover Matthew's long-term recovery at a nursing care facility, calling his coma a "pre-existing" condition.

      Matthew Hodge was an A student at Page High School in Franklin, Tennessee, where he enjoyed being a part of the drumline in their championship marching band. This season, the band won their sixth consecutive Division II State Championship while Matthew's drums were silent.

      The cartooning world has rallied around Tim and his family to raise funds needed to help them through their tragedy. Over 100 artists have donated 170 items of original art from comic strips, comic books, children's books, animation, and sculpture that will begin to be listed on eBay on January 21.

      One of the auction’s organizers, former Disney director Tony Bancroft (“Mulan”) worked with Tim Hodge. “I’ve known the Hodges for over a decade, and they are kind and generous people that will always help their neighbors,” said Bancroft, “It’s time that we help them.”

      While many of the artists do not know Tim Hodge personally, the kinship of one of their own going through this difficult time resonates with every one of them. Jean Schulz, widow of "Peanuts" creator Charles Schulz, said, "Please know my heart goes out to Matthew and his family and I wish them well on their road to recovery."

      Highlights in this international fundraiser include:

      • A drawing of "Charlie Brown" by Charles Schulz
      • A drawing of "Wallace & Gromit" by creator Nick Parks
      • An illustration by renowned movie poster illustrator Drew Struzan ("Indiana Jones," "Back to the Future")
      • Sketches by "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola
      • An original comic strip by "Zits" cartoonists Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott
      • A "Simpsons" poster signed by the voice cast and creator Matt Groening
      • A drawing by Pixar's Golden Globe winning "Up" director Pete Docter
      • An original watercolored strip by "Mutts" cartoonist Patrick McDonnell
      • Spider-man art from creator Stan Lee
      • Animation art by Disney's Glen Keane
      • Several pieces of classic Disney animation art going back to the days of black & white Mickey Mouse cartoons.
      With so many generous donations, the artwork will be posted on eBay in thirds. The first grouping will be listed on January 21 beginning at 10am P.S.T., with subsequent listings on January 28 and February 4. All items for sale may be previewed at

      Fully tax-deductible donations may be given to Help the Hodges through Paypal on, or by sending a check with "Help the Hodges" written on the subject line to:

      The NCS Foundation
      341 N. Maitland Ave., #130
      Maitland, FL 32751

      The NCSF is the charitable arm of the National Cartoonists Society, the world's largest and most prestigious organization of professional cartoonists. It was formed in 2005 to continue the charitable and educational works that have been a hallmark of the NCS since its inception in 1946.

      The NCSF exists to advance the ideals and standards of the cartooning profession, to stimulate and encourage aspiring cartoonists through scholarships and educational programs, and to provide financial assistance to cartoonists and their families in times of hardship. They have recently been involved in working with the USO in sending cartoonists to the Middle East to meet with the American troops, and they are presently running the Jay Kennedy Scholarship contest for college student cartoonists.
      "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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        Re: Animation community charitable auction

        A Note from the Organizer:

        I must say that I'm pleased with the response as well. Looking forward to seeing how these first 50 items do when they end next Sunday. More will be uploaded to eBay on Thursday, including three classic Mickey Mouse production drawings, and I think we just may have a Frank & Ollie Hook & Smee drawing set-up to offer if the donor comes through. Exciting stuff!

        Thanks for your support! Word of mouth is our best friend!
        "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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          Re: Animation community charitable auction

          Welcome to our second week of auction postings here on January 28. The first 50 items will be ending this coming Sunday, but to keep you further entertained,
          here are 71 new lots to THRILL and AMAZE!

          Beginning at 9:30am PACIFIC time, the following lots will begin appearing on eBay every six minutes in the order presented here:

          • Clint Eastwood drawing by Joe Spadaford
          • Acrylic painting of some Army dudes by Mark Behm
          • Original illustration by Drew Struzan
          • Sheet of autographed Jimmy Stewart stamps by Drew Struzan
          • Kiskaloo drawing by Chris Sanders
          • Tattoo Girl by Chris Sanders
          • How To Train Your Dragon print signed by Chris Sanders &
          • Lilo & Stitch background key painting by Chuck Vollmer
          • Lilo & Stitch background key painting by Bob Stanton
          • Lilo & Stitch concept design by Michael Spooner
          • Wallace & Gromit painting by creator Nick Park
          • Princess & the Frog advance poster signed by the lead animators, producer & directors
          • Froggy Prince Naveen drawing by Randy Haycock (Princess & the Frog)
          • Human Prince Naveen drawing by Randy Haycock (Princess & the Frog)
          • Princess Tiana drawing by Mark Henn (Princess & the Frog)
          • Charlotte drawing by Nik Ranieri (Princess & the Frog)
          • Tiana's parents by Ruben Aquino (Princess & the Frog)
          • Dreams Come True book with signatures by Princess & the Frog animators
          • Two Princess & the Frog children's books, one signed by the production designer
          • Emperor's New Groove maquette with drawing of Kuzco by Nik Ranieri
          • Donald Duck porcelain statue
          • Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney animation crew cel
          • Mulan & Mushu animation crew cel signed by animators Mark Henn & Tom Bancroft
          • Art of Mulan book with drawings from the crew
          • Mulan background key painting by Chuck Vollmer
          • Pres Romanillos drawing of Shan-Yu, the villain from Mulan
          • Packet of collectibles from the Mulan World Premiere
          • Drawing of Cri-kee by animator Barry Temple
          • Original concept drawing of Mushu by Tom Bancroft
          • Original Asian influenced watercolor painting by Calvin Tsang
          • Published character design concept by Rob Corley
          • Original plein air oil painting by Disney producer Don Hahn
          • Historic portrait of a woman by Ken Spirduso, fine artist for Disneyworld
          • Historic portrait of a mother and child by Ken Spirduso
          • Pastel landscape piece by Joe Spadaford
          • Two DVDs signed by Don Bluth
          • Two instructional DVDs signed by Don Bluth
          • Two tutorial DVDs signed by Don Bluth
          • Brand new box of rare Blackwing pencils
          • Concept drawing for a Fox & the Hound 2 background
          • TWO concept drawings for locations in Disney's Tinkerbell movie
          • A visual development drawing for Disney's Treasure Planet by Michael Spooner
          • TWO background key paintings for Pocahontas by Bob Stanton
          • John Pomeroy production drawing of John Smith from Pocahontas
          • Glen Keane production drawing from The Rescuers Down Under
          • Six key production animation drawings of Wilbur from Rescuers Down Under
          • Broose Johnson drawing of The Beast and Genie in a thumb war
          • Drawing of Cogsworth by animator Tony Bancroft
          • Tony Bancroft jam drawing of Pumbaa, Kronk, Iago and Cogsworth
          • Bob Stanton development painting for The Lion King
          • Production animation drawing from the death of Mufasa scene in Lion King
          • Drawing of Pumbaa by Lion King director Roger Allers

          • Drawing of Pumbaa, Timon & Simba by Roger Allers
          • Drawing of Rafiki by Lion King director Roger Allers
          • Lion King T-shirt signed by crew members
          • Mufasa print by Julie Taymor for Broadway Lion King
          • Simba print by Julie Taymor for Broadway Lion King
          • Rafiki print by Julie Taymor for Broadway Lion King
          • Scar print by Julie Taymor for Broadway Lion King
          • Set of three books by Mary Blair
          • Once Upon a Time: Walt Disney hardcover book
          • Original background layout drawing from Lady & the Tramp
          • Original Frank & Ollie drawings of Hook & Smee from Peter Pan
          • Original Pluto cel from a 1940s short cartoon
          • Three paintings of Mickey, Donald and Goofy done for Disneyworld
          • Frank Thomas drawing of Mickey from The Brave Little Tailor
          • Animation drawing of Mickey Mouse from The Whalers
          • Original animation drawing of Mickey Mouse from the black & white era
          • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse inspired painting by Chad Frye
          • Signed limited edition print of Mickey Mouse by the legendary John Hench
          • Copy of Jeff Kurtti's Imagineering Legends hardcover book

          These auctions end on February 7. Our final list of items will go live on eBay on February 4!

          Help the Hodges
          "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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