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Song of the south on YouTube

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  • Song of the south on YouTube

    Hey all,
    I was nosing around youtube when I found the entire movie of Song of the South on youtube.
    Not in the highest possible quality but where else will you see it?
    for your convinence I am posting the link to the first part simply follow it to youtube and follow the numbers 1-10 and enjoy for the first time or all over again.
    [ame=]YouTube - Walt Disney's Song Of The South Part 1[/ame]
    also to add this notation there are no coments allowed there so post what you think here about the movie.
    Personally I dont find the movie to be Racist, Infact its cute and the charicter Uncle Remus is depicted as someone who is Wise and In this modern world of conectivity and intelect sometimes you need Wisdom where knolege fails.
    And I need a spell check device....
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    Originally posted by sediment
    Scary: your post is dripping something. Tastes like sarcasm.
    Originally posted by Karalora
    This is excellent news! There are all sorts of good changes to the park that we were promised when Hell froze over.
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    Re: Song of the south on YouTube

    Yeah, I've seen it on there before. It was taken down eventually though.
    What an idiot....

    Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.