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Disneyland Annual Passholder "special" expanded discounts are now valid until Feb 1st


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  • Disneyland Annual Passholder "special" expanded discounts are now valid until Feb 1st

    The special expanded Disneyland Resort Merchandise discounts have been extended through February 1st, 2010.

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    Now through February 1, 2010 all So Cal Select, Southern California and Deluxe Passport holders receive 10% off all purchases at select Disneyland Resort stores. For the same time period Premium Passholders receive a 20% discount (usually 10%).
    Note, there is a large amount of specific rules and exceptions, so check the link above for all the fine print.
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    Re: Disneyland Annual Passholder "special" expanded discounts are now valid until Feb

    Thanks for the info. It wil be helpful on anniversary weekend
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      Re: Disneyland Annual Passholder "special" expanded discounts are now valid until Feb

      Do you have to ask for the discount? I have spent 4 days at the resort since Dec 19th and never noticed anything above the usual 10%-15% premium passholder discount. I have kept all of my receipts and everything says 10%-15%. I did notice that there were certain places at DCA where they asked if I was a passholder and gave me a discount for purchases UNDER $10.00 but I was unable to get a discount on a "4 Rice Crispy treats shaped like presents on sticks for $9.95" at Disneyland at the Main Street coffee shop because it didn't reach the $10.00 minimum. They told me to buy a cookie too in order to get over the $10.00 minimum. There should be a "blanket" discount applicable to all businesses operating within the Disney property so passholders are not continually frustrated or looking like cheapskates by constantly asking if this particular shop/restaurant/cart accepts the passholder discount. It's too hit and miss. The bakery on Main Street won't do discounts but the coffee shop directly across the street does. Award Weiners at DCA will give you a passholder discount for purchases under $10.00 but Taste Pilots Grill won't. It has gotten to the point where I don't pull out my pass unless I am asked by the cast member if I have one. Tired of looking dumb when I am told that an establishment does not accept the passholder discount. I have been to the theater in Downtown Disney over a half-dozen times since last summer only to be told EVERY TIME that the passholder discount does not apply to the particular showing that I am attending. "We do not accept the discount's not valid for matinees. No discounts on opening weekend. No discounts on special screenings (The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D). It's an advance screening (Walt & El Groupo). Your pass expired yesterday" (I was renewing it that night after the movie was over...and did!). Every time it is something different. Yet the theater is listed as one of the places that honors the passholder discount. Anybody out there ever get the discount from the theater? At least at Universal, they give you a partial parking lot rebate at the CityWalk Cinemas that is applied to the price of your ticket. That, and they offer coupons that are on the Universal Annual Passholders website that can be printed up at home that give passholders $1.00-$2.00 discounts off tickets. I always use these coupons at the CityWalk Imax Theater. I have never been denied my discount at Universal but at the theater in Downtown Disney, it's a completely different story! With all the hassles that Disney gives it's passholders when redeeming a discount, you would think the discount was 75% or something huge. Not the 10%-15% that barely covers the cost of the tax. That, and when you figure in the purchases that you make that are either under $10.00 or are made at places where a discount is not available reduces your overall discount anyway. What I am saying is that it just needs to be simpler. That's all.
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        Re: Disneyland Annual Passholder "special" expanded discounts are now valid until Feb

        Crazee4mm, you shouldn't have to ask for the extra discount. However, it's only for merchandise but not food locations so that might be why you didn't get 20% discounts on any of your receipts.

        I bought quite a few pins over 2 visits last month and each time the CM's would go out of their way to let me know about the extra holiday discount.

        When you're making food purchases, generally speaking you do need to spend at least $10 in order to qualify for the 15% discount.


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