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Pixar.. Beyond Cartoons??

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  • Pixar.. Beyond Cartoons??

    The term "Animation" is somewhat perplexing and confusing when used in modern CG feature films. Mostly we are akin to associating 3D animation automatically into the same categories as cartoons or anime. After watching the below short film at Main : the third & the seventh I believe that unless Pixar expands the CG market by 2015 they will be eaten up by existing or new animation companies that will capitalize on the availablility of the technology demonstrated by the third seventh movie.

    Here is the full movie:
    The Film itself : the third & the seventh

    And here is "the compositing featurette":

    Is anyone beside me excited that in the near future we could get Pixar quality story content with animation quality like the one in these links?

    What do you think?

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    Re: Pixar.. Beyond Cartoons??

    Personally, I categorize all of Pixar's feature length films (thus far) as "animated features," not cartoons .

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "unless Pixar expands the CGI market." Do you mean doing animated films in a style like the one depicted in the video? A more photorealistic style?

    The video was astounding - excellent work by the animators - but I saw nothing in it that renders Pixar's visual style obsolete. I'm sure Pixar could create photorealistic animation if they wanted to - I'm sure they have the talent and the technology - if they were doing a story that was best served by that style. But there will always be a place for stylization, be it less "realistic," relatively "cartoony" CGI, hand-drawn, stop-motion, etc.
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