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Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

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  • Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

    The upcoming fourth season will be its last, Disney officials told The Post.

    Miley Cyrus -- who plays Miley Stewart, a down-to-earth high schooler who leads a secret double life as pop star Hannah Montana -- has been making noises for more than a year that she is ready to move on.

    But the news quietly marks the end of one of the most successful kids' shows ever. The show still averages nearly 5 million viewers a week.

    "You never know in this business . . . but right now we're scheduled to wrap [forever] after shooting this new batch of episodes," says Disney Channel Worldwide's Adam Bonnett, senior VP/programming.

    Production on the fourth season is set to begin Jan. 18 and end sometime this summer -- after Cyrus takes a short hiatus in April to promote her upcoming big-screen movie, "The Last Song."

    The fourth season will premiere "in late spring," Bonnett says.

    "The [new] episodes will continue to roll out at least over a full year," he says.

    The narrative framework for Season 4 will reflect the real-life struggle the actress is having leaving behind the character that made her famous.

    The Season 3 finale, "Is Miley Saying Goodbye?" and slated to air in mid-March, is "a big one-hour event where we find out what Miley Stewart's decision is going to be," Bonnett says.

    "It's one of the things she's been wrestling with for months -- whether it's time to make a decision to continue being Hannah Montana or just be a regular, ordinary girl."

    Bonnett says Ray Liotta will guest-star in the fourth-season opener, and the show has also snared "Two and a Half Men" teen Angus Young as a guest star in a future episode.

    "Ray Liotta will play a role that no one would ever expect him to play in a teen sitcom," he says.

    Miley Cyrus' relationship with Disney won't end once "Hannah Montana" belts out her final number.

    Miley's CD label is Disney Records.
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    Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

    I think its a good time to end the show, nothing worse that flogging something to death.


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      Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

      It is good to end on a good note rather than keeping it on so long it has only 3 viewers, but i have to admit... i will miss the show once it's gone.
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        Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

        Maybe Disney will finally be removing her picture from the opera house.


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          Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

          Originally posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
          Maybe Disney will finally be removing her picture from the opera house.
          To be replaced by Jonas Brothers XD


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            Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

            Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" is winding down, one of the Jonas Brothers got married, and Zac Efron has graduated "High School Musical" for big-screen stardom.

            But the Disney Channel's not worried. As one crop grows up and moves on, another one sprouts up right behind.

            Jason Dolley, Doc Shaw and Hutch Dano may not be household names yet, but they probably will be. The Disney publicity machine is poised to make them as famous as the stars who preceded them: Dano and Hicks will co-star in the XD series "Zeke and Luther," Shaw will star in the XD series "Pair of Kings" and Dolley will star in the Disney Channel's "Good Luck Charlie."

            In a modern-day throwback to the system the studio developed in the original '50s Mickey Mouse Club era, Disney now regularly uses its hit cable channel a breeding ground for new performers they then launch through the media empire's many other divisions.

            It's no secret why. The channel's teen stars have meant big money for the company. Shows like "Hannah Montana" and "The Suite Life on Deck," and original movies such as "Camp Rock" helped make Disney the number-two-rated cable channel.

            Last year also stands as the channel's most-watched on record. In primetime, Disney was TV's top network in kids 6 to 11 and tweens 9 to 14.

            Plus, network stars such as Cyrus and the Jonases have headlined movies and albums that further add to Disney's coffers.

            "Hannah Montana: The Movie" brought in $155 million at the box office this year, 2008's "High School Musical 3" grossed $252 million, Cyrus' 2009 album "The Time of Our Lives" sold 1.6 million copies, and even the under-performng Jonas Brothers album "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" moved 247,000 copies.
            full article at:
            Bye-bye Miley: The Disney Channel Revs Up Its Starmaking Machine | The Wrap
            "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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              Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

              Originally posted by k_peek_2000 View Post
              to be replaced by jonas brothers xd
              nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                Re: Disney Channel's 'Hannah Montana' 2006-2011

                Now she can move on to Cinamax.