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Amazing 'Making of..' clip for Avatar

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  • Amazing 'Making of..' clip for Avatar

    Ok, everyone hears how Avatar is changing the way movies will be made.. and it doesn't resonate for everyone.

    Check out the video on this page
    An Epic 22-Minute Behind-the-Scenes of Avatar - Avatar - Gizmodo

    It's a flim much like you find as bonus features on a DVD. Jump to about 14:00 min in the video and watch how they IN REAL TIME ON THE CAMERA did all the compositing so that the camera and director saw what the CG + film footage looked like. It's crazy advances like this and countless others that set the foundation that Avatar probably changes everything.

    Check it out... pretty amazing stuff. I can't wait till this thing hits disc.. the bonus content should be absolutely amazing.

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    Re: Amazing 'Making of..' clip for Avatar

    That is absolutely the coolest thing I've seen in a while on how filmmaking is changing. Thanks for bring that to our attention.


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      Re: Amazing 'Making of..' clip for Avatar

      I was hesitant of such claims after watching the film in theatres... but this put some perspective to it