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Ever Wonder What Happened To Tommy Kirk?


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  • Ever Wonder What Happened To Tommy Kirk?

    Tommy Kirk, one of Disney Studios' shining stars for many years, was up there with Annette and Hayley Mills in popularity with movie goers.

    Who didn't love him in Old Yeller, The Shaggy Dog and numerous others. I did a search here in MC and don't believe there's any mention of him and his contributions to that era of Disney films except for one poster writing about his emotional scene in OY.

    Here's an interesting link for those who want to know that will give you the information on him after his unceremonious termination and slide into obscurity.

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    WOW! I thought he died!


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      Good for him.


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        Wow! Good article.


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          Tommy Kirk got me through adolescence......I was SO incredibly in love with him. I had the hugest crush on him and Kurt Russell--I grew up watching Disney videos because their movies were my dad's favorites, so he taped them from rented videos. I think The Shaggy Dog and Swiss Family Robinson were my two favorite Tommy, actually I think I loved them all, but Swiss Family made me feel lusty for the first time (I'm sure that wasn't my dad's intentions...). :devil: I was broken-hearted when I found out how much older than me Tommy was.

          I did a search on him several years ago and knew what he was up to. I'd love to meet him to tell him what he meant to me growing up.


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