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Disney movie club


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  • Disney movie club

    So I got my mailer the other day to join the Disney movie club. Besides opening it to get the free stickers (which I LOVE!), I looked at what the club as to offer. It looks to be pretty much straight forward club like Columbia House that I was in during the 1990's. (If you don't say you don't want the feature of the month, they will send it to you). How many of you are a member and do you like it? I would like to add more titles to my Disney DVD collection. I am behind the times and have hung onto my Disney VHS as long as possible. I need to to make the switch (which the rest of the world is switching from DVD to Blueray I guess).

    Are the Disney Movie reward points still in the movie club Dvds?

    Do you think this is worth joining?


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    Re: Disney movie club

    Hi, Sara -

    You are right that the club is like the Columbia House program. Whether it is worth it or not depends on what you want to get out of it.

    I originally joined for the "exclusive" Zorro episodes they put out. Along the way, I also wound up buying all of the animated features on DVD to replace my VHS collection. Once you fulfill your commitment, you become a VIP and can get deals for up to 60 percent off additional titles with the purchase of a full-price title. Wound up bringing my effective cost per DVD to something like $8 or $9 each after shipping. I thought that was a pretty good deal, although with the dropping prices of DVDs in general, the savings aren't necessarily as attractive.

    You do get the Movie Rewards points in the DVDs you buy through the Club for the most part (sometimes they'll send an older version that didn't have them included when packaged). And I believe they are offering Blu-Rays through the Club now, but there isn't much discounting, I believe.

    I'm no longer in the Club, mainly because I got all of the titles I was interested in and I hated having to cancel the "Featured Title" every month (though I was happy I could do it online rather than having to mail in the flyer). I missed one deadline and got a title I wasn't interested in but it wasn't worth the hassle or expense of mailing it back for credit.

    Overall, I was happy I did the Club. The negatives included having to constantly respond to the automatic "Featured Title," having new releases not show up in the catalog for several months after they were released to stores, and ordering titles to be informed later that they were out of stock. I also wasn't thrilled when my "Club Exclusive" Zorro sets were re-released to the general public as Disney Treasures but that was more a risk I took. There are a ton of titles available, including Disney TV box sets and Touchstone and Miramax movies, sometimes at a pretty good price sometimes more expensive that you could get at the store. Sometimes you have to wait until you get the best offers - 60 percent off, free shipping, etc.

    All in all, it was worth it to me to join but after I got all that I was looking for, there wasn't much to keep me in the Club.
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      Re: Disney movie club

      I'm a member but will probably drop it sometime in the next few months since I am buying fewer and fewer DVDs. The featured selection usually comes with some kind of lenticular card and you can get one free pin when you buy the full priced featured selection when you become a VIP. I don't think you are saving that much but it's handy to have all Disney movies available in one place.

      One thing to make sure of is that you are getting widescreen instead of full screen (if that's what you prefer). In the beginning I received some movies in full screen but they were very good an exchanging them at no cost to me. The customer service has been really great.

      It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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