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Mission Impossible IV -2011-


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  • Mission Impossible IV -2011-

    This was on ETOnlne:
    Paramount Pictures announced Tuesday that they are moving forward with producing 'Mission Impossible IV' and that Tom Cruise will star and produce.

    J.J. Abrams, who directed 'Mission: Impossible III,' will co-produce the film, which will be based on an idea from Cruise and Abrams and will hit theaters Memorial Day weekend 2011.

    Paramount, Cruise and Abrams are currently in the process of choosing a director.
    I think I liked the 3rd one the best, followed by the 1st. Although the 2nd one was easy to follow (unlike the 1st) I just didn't like John Woo's directing. Hopefully Cruise will make this one a team effort, and not just centred around Ethan Hunt. I guess it was just at the begining of the 1st movie where we actually got to see the whole IMF team in action, and then after that it was just Ethan Hunt.

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    Re: Mission Impossible IV -2011-

    I still think the 1st one was the best ... I'm not chomping at the bit for another one.


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      Re: Mission Impossible IV -2011-

      I really enjoyed J.J.'s take on the last one, probably because he used more than a few plot elements from past 'Alias' episodes in it. John Woo's second was filled with his trademark action & visuals and the same with Brian DePalma.

      They should overspend on their budget and try to get Kathryn Bigelow to direct it. She has proven for years that she knows how to stage & shoot action.
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        Re: Mission Impossible IV -2011-

        I liked the way the third one made some of the silly elements of Mission Impossible (don a rubber mask and you look like someone's twin) seem more realistic, by showing the process.

        I liked that the third one showed us IMF working as a team, while still keeping Cruise in the starring role.

        I liked Philip Seymour Hoffman as the villian, and the action was good.

        I didn't like the cliched plot (the gruff boss is made to look like the bad guy, but surprise surprise, the best friend turned out to be).

        I didn't like some of the extremely unrealistic moments (Tom Cruise shoots bad guys with amazing accuracy, while sliding down the side of a building).

        It's a good series, and every film has a certain uniqueness to it. I look forward to a fourth installment.
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          Re: Mission Impossible IV -2011-

          I lost track, but it seems there's some major movies coming out in 2011...
          MI 4
          Pirates 4
          Transformers 3
          what else is slated for summer 2011?


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            Re: Mission Impossible IV -2011-

            I'm all about this. I enjoyed MI3 a lot.
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              Re: Mission Impossible IV -2011-

              They will produce a fourth one? I didn't like the third at all and the second one was also not good. My favorite is the first. Tom Cruise was so annoying in the last one.


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