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Statler and Waldorf at the Balcony


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  • Statler and Waldorf at the Balcony

    I have two questions about Statler and Waldorf at the Balcony (found at that I hope you guys can answer.

    1) For the past two weeks, Statler's voice has sounded very different. Is it a new guy doing the voice or is normal guy sick? Just listen to this weeks episode as compared to one from a few weeks ago.

    2) Why did they change the opening music after the first few weeks. Did this have to do with copyrights? I just ask because I think the original music was much better.

    When I emailed these questions to, I got a reply that said,
    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Thanks so much for sending in your question. While we can't answer your
    request, we do hope we can still be of help.

    The best way to find what you're looking for is to make liberal use of
    the various search engines available.

    Thanks for writing!


    Does anyone know the answers?

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    Re: Statler and Waldorf at the Balcony

    Ashley - if you are out there... That is one of the most inane form letters I have seen on the net...

    AskMike1 - you might want to direct that question to Muppet Studeos... as they probably have the answer... I don't think has any idea what Disney's left hand is doing...
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