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Disney Home video (DVD) sales down...

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  • Disney Home video (DVD) sales down...

    Reading an article in the VB mag that we get at work. Disney DVD sales are down in the past year.

    The article reads

    Originally posted by from article
    Warner home video, which was in a virtual dead heat with Buena Vista Home Entertainment [Disney] last year, was the clear market share leader with 19.7%, nearly three points ahead of BVHE.
    A chart shown in the article shows the following.

    DVD Sales:

    Warner $4.21 billion (20.2%)
    BVHE(Disney) $3.38 billion (16.2%)
    FOX $2.76 billion (13.2%)
    MGM $1.11 billion (5.3%)

    VHS Sales:

    BVHE (Disney) $702 billion (21.7%)
    Warner $551 million (17.0%)
    FOX $346 million (10.7%)
    MGM $175 million (5.4%)

    Source: VB research from studio sorces.