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  • I just started reading "Waking Walt" by Larry Pontius, and I'm really getting into it! The whole idea of waking Walt up from his urban legend cryogenic state is fascinating.
    "I don't need intelligent drugs because I don't know what they are. But I will put anything into my mouth that is given to me, whether it's supposed to go there or not. Because... I'm different."


    • I've decided to start reading the "Big Fish" novel. I loved the movie, so I decided to check out the book. Very entertaining.


      • Now I am reading DISNEY WAR. :devil:
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        • I've just finished reading Faithful and Moneyball. Great baseball books, IMO.
          I took in a little bit of Disney War at Costco. Doesn't seem too interesting for the Disneyland fan. Only three mentions of Pressler, according to the index. No Harriss at all. Seems more corporate level stuff.
          I take it that anything not denied by Eisner did happen? (There are lots of denials.)


          • I just read the latest IN Style from cover to cover does that count?

            I'm heading to the book store this week, I need some suggestions for some quick and fun reading, something that will keep my add riddled brain happy and focused.

            Suggestions?(Rena?, Claire?)

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            • Originally posted by dsnylndmom
              I just read the latest IN Style from cover to cover does that count?
              Of course that's the Bible of Style!

              I'm currently onto Orlando by Virginia Woolf for my English Lit class. So far so good.
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              When Neverland was your destination.
              Your magical adventure isn't over yet,
              Just hold on tight and don't forget...

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              • I'm reading The Black Dahlia Avenger. True crime about this retired dectective that realizes his own father commited the ugly murder. A true page turner. Then I read
                computer/film books to teach myself directing and editing.

                "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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                • I was reading KEEP SWEET....... we are doing some major reno's to our house. In 3 weeks time I got to page 21 it was such a good book I just have not had any time to read it. So I phoned the library to renue it and she said its over due ........... :botox: I said what? new books are only 2 weeks.............. I had it for 3 weeks .
                  So I had to return it. there are 9 people waiting in line to read it.
                  Its about children of polligamy...
                  Good book
                  Yes, it is fast....

                  No, you can't drive IT.

                  Drive it like it's stolen.


                  • Yes I did.... I bought Disney war, Very interesting and not just about the Eisner problem, It's about many other things as well.
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                    • Im reading... 'The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty' by Anne Rice
                      'When hinges creek in doorless chambers..and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls..whenever candlelights flicker..where the air is deathly still..That is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight.'

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                      • Oh, what an awesome thread!!! I'm always eager to read something new...

                        The last 5 books I read were:


                        Angels & Demons

                        The Wonder of Girls

                        I Know this Much is True

                        The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal*

                        Oh and the other day I read the first of the Series of Unfortunate Events while waiting for my daughter to get out gymnastics. Those books are great quick reads. You can knock them out pretty fast.

                        *I started reading this back in May when I booked the DCL transition cruise through the Canal. But since I cancelled in December - I've sort of quit the book. It is very boring and technical and historical and *yawn*... I'll pick it up again if I ever make to Panama.
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                        • You should all read my book! What the's now free...and you will like it! See sig.

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