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The "a bug's life" Blu Ray...


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  • The "a bug's life" Blu Ray...

    Is by far the best looking Blu Ray I have ever seen. The picture is PRISTINE. I have never seen anything more clear in my life. It's not just the best looking Disney Blu Ray but the best Blu Ray in general. Been using Blu Ray for 2 years now and have been going through so many releases. Sure, many look phenomenal (Wanted, Wall E, Speed Racer) and only a rarity of them look only as good as the DVD release (Donnie Darko, Bram Stoker's Dracula) but this one film stands out above them all almost two times over. For a movie that is 12 years old or so, I just don't get how it looks THAT amazing even in comparison to UP, which was just released last year. Not even Toy Story 2, made the following year, looks that crystal. I'm going on and on about it but I just had to let the world know; BUY THIS BLU RAY. The movie is awesome of course and I have yet to test out the sound system (watched it on someone else's TV) and the bonus features are pretty cool. But if you ever wanted reference worthy video quality, THIS is the movie to beat. I spent the full 30 bucks on it and don't regret a single penny. I wanted to wait until it was on sale but I couldn't. It was even only 20 on Amazon and Walmart but with the shipping costs and the actual waiting around for it, I might as well have just bought it from Best Buy, and I'm so glad I did. Best money I ever spent for a Blu Ray. Get this one folks, even though I'm sure many of you already do. But if you were in doubt, don't be.
    Also, there is a "buy a Toy Story film and another Pixar film and receive $15 off" deal going on at Best Buy. Not the BEST deal but it's still worth noting. Hopefully so far you guys used the $10 off coupons for both Toy Story films (each; $20 total for both the first week at Target because they gave an extra $10 off!) when they came out but just in case you didn't, another offer has come your way. At this point, I already have Incredibles and Finding Nemo on DVD so I'm not sure if I wasn't sure if I wanted to upgrade but after seeing this, it just MIGHT be a no brainer (even though I don't care much for those films).
    a bug's life... get it.

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    Re: The &quot;a bug's life&quot; Blu Ray...

    A Bugs Life is still my favorite Pixar movie. I've been DYING to get it on Blu Ray but haven't seen any good deals for it and I refuse to pay $30 for ANY movie, even if it is my favorite.

    As for upgrading to Blu Ray, the Pixar movies are amazing. Even going back to Toy Story it looks so much crisper on Blu.

    Some movies (romantic comedies, etc) it's not worth it. I also don't think it's really worth it for some older movies. But for animated films it's ABSOLUTELY worth it.


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      Re: The &quot;a bug's life&quot; Blu Ray...

      I feel exactly the same way. Ever since Blockbuster has been putting out used Blus for as low as 2 for 25, I've been trying to get those deals. They stopped the deal but lowered the prices of their movies. Some are only $7! While the most expensive is $16.99. I have been only buying movies if they're about $15 since when it first started out I bought movies for $30 to help the Blu Ray movement for about a year. Now I go for cheap and have gotten many great deals on Blu Ray, especially on Disney ones. Lookie here, $10 each for the Toy Stories, $10 for Up, $10 for Snow White and $10 for G-Force (I bought it as a present, haha). But since this film wasn't apart of that collection, I had no other choice but to buy it new. And like I said, figured in the $20 sale online with the shipping and handling and all the waiting, I just paid the extra 10 to have it now and the way I wanted it since sometimes with online orders I get jipped of a slip cover and a digital copy.
      So yes, it was uber expensive for a movie but I think with the amount of effort they put into it, it's worth it.


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