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Torn over Tangled

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  • Torn over Tangled

    ORWEN: Us cauldron girls just read a report over on Laughing Place in the Animation section where somebody talked about how they'd seen a rough screening of TANGLED in Ontario, CA, recently. If you're interested, go read the article. It's very interesting.

    ORDDU: Yes and the person who saw this rough version of the film liked it very much. He said the songs by Alen Menken are VERY good--of a Broadway style and none of that 60's rock that had been rumored earlier.

    ORWEN: He also said he thinks the REAL reason for the title change of the movie has more to do with the fact that the Disney version of Rapunzel strays so far afield from the original story that they almost HAD to come up with a new title for that reason alone--not because they were trying to market the movie to boys.

    ORDDU: Then, again, it's anybody's guess as to why this is. The movie still retains SOME similarities to the original story. But if you're a Rapunzel purist, you'll be disappointed.

    ORWEN: Not that it isn't still a good movie in its own right. But we would have preferred a more straightforward retelling of the original fairytale.

    ORDDU: The person who reviewed the film over on Laughing Place really liked what he saw and said the test audience liked it, too. So it just may be the hit Disney needs for the Fall Season of 2010!

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    Re: Torn over Tangled

    My concern about this movie is that after Shrek, the 'fractured-fairytale' has been done to death (post-Shrek movies like Hoodwinked and Happily N'ever After really did hammer the final nail in the coffin). However, Disney did successfully side-step a traditional telling of the tale with The Princess and the Frog and it was still fresh.... so I really don't know! I am very hopeful - certainly I welcome Menken back as song-provider.
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      Re: Torn over Tangled

      ORDDU: We do too, Nathan detroit, duckling. In fact, it may be the score and the songs that are the saving grace of this film. We've never heard anything from Mr. Menken that we didn't like. The man is a genious when it comes to writing melodies. The person who saw the test film said there were at least two really good songs that stand out and make the movie memorable.