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15 seconds of Tangled


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  • 15 seconds of Tangled

    [ame=]YouTube - tangledclip1.mp4[/ame]
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    Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

    I want my 15 seconds back. Where do I apply for a refund?


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      Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

      Here's a new trailer for the movie!

      YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
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        Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

        I saw the trailer last night and loved it. Love the new rendered look of the characters, real-ish yet cartoony and beautiful. That really pushed me over the line into looking forward to seeing this, that and the horse laughing at the end LOL!


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          Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

          The look of the film is amazing. I think they did a really good job softening up the CG.

          You can tell where the marketing machine is going with this. They are really trying to make this look like a movie for boys. I'm sure this movie is very well rounded, but after Princess and the Frog Disney is going to do whatever it can, including showing only humor and action in a trailer, to get boys/guys to see this film. I'm hoping for a much more well rounded trailer in the future as this gets closer.

          I'm not actually too bothered by the humor in this. It looks much closer, though still not there, to original Disney humor. Slightly vaudevillian but not slapstick like most animated films these days use.

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            Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

            Just watched the trailer. I didn't know they were making Shrek 5. I thought the fourth was supposed to be the last.


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              Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

              Originally posted by Barbossa View Post
              Just watched the trailer. I didn't know they were making Shrek 5. I thought the fourth was supposed to be the last.
              There were definitely too many reminders of Shrek in this trailer. Also, the "introduction" scene we saw between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (bonus Tron Legacy promotion, I see) seems way too much like it was ripped from Spiderman 3. See this clip for reference: [ame=""]YouTube - Spider-Man 3 - Eddie Brock Becomes Venom DVD Rip[/ame]

              I have been very much looking forward to this film, but am disappointed by what's been show thus far. Trailers can be misleading, however, so I will be sure to preserve some optimism.

              Mostly, I'm just NOT looking forward to seeing this lousy (and annoying) trailer, filled with lousy jokes, being played for months on end. I believe the trailer will damage the film's receipts more than help it in the long run.

              Here's hoping it's not an accurate reflection of the final film!
              Last edited by Jeff; 06-11-2010, 09:59 PM. Reason: Video formatting fixed.


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                Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

                Originally posted by Jeff View Post
                Here's hoping it's not an accurate reflection of the final film!
                It's not. Not even close. I don't think I've ever seen a more bogus trailer, other than YouTube mashups like that Mary Poppins horror movie thing.

                There were test screenings of a rough cut on May 25th in Ontario, CA, so there are some of us who have actually seen the movie and can tell you what it's like.

                It's REALLY GOOD.

                It contains no Shrekky snarking or fairy-tale fracturing. They play it straight.

                The music is all classic Disney/Broadway style, a la Mermaid/Beast/Aladdin. It's written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater. There are five or six new songs, and they're terrific.

                There's no Pink. There's nothing even remotely similar to Pink.

                The scene with Flynn doing the "smolder" is right after he first encounters Rapunzel. The act doesn't work (obviously), so he drops it for the rest of the movie.

                The scene with Rapunzel's hair beating Flynn up is not in the movie at all. Neither is the thing at the end with the horse laughing.

                There is a great villain, Madame Gothel, the owner of the tower. She isn't in the trailer at all.

                And believe it or not, the movie is primarily about Rapunzel, not Flynn. And she's a wonderful Disney princess, albeit a rather stir-crazy one.

                I know you'd never guess these things from the trailer. The trailer was designed by the Marketeers specifically to mislead viewers, and it has done a bang-up job. They figure that since Dreamworks-type movies make more money than The Princess and the Frog did, they need to convince people that Tangled is a Dreamworks-type movie (apparently a pretty bad one).

                It isn't. Just try to pretend you never saw this trailer.

                Based on the reactions I'm seeing online, I suspect Disney would like to pretend you never saw it as well. I sure hope they didn't attach it to all those prints of Toy Story 3 that are hitting theaters this Friday. (And you just KNOW they did.)

                If you don't believe me, then how about this guy?
                CGTalk - View Single Post - Disney's Tangled (AKA Rapunzel) Teaser Trailer

                Hey guys,

                This "teaser" doesn't represent our movie AT ALL. It's typical Disney marketing crapola, desperately trying to entice I don't know who... teenagers maybe? The music, the tone of the teaser, everything is SO NOT the movie we're all working hard on.

                Later this year a real trailer will hopefully do our movie justice. And let me tell you, the movie is looking amazing on every level... it's a HUGE step up from where we were on Bolt. Allan Menken wrote some really great music for it.

                Marlon, Animator on Tangled.


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                  Re: 15 seconds of Tangled

                  Originally posted by mawnck View Post
                  It's not. Not even close. I don't think I've ever seen a more bogus trailer, other than YouTube mashups like that Mary Poppins horror movie thing.
                  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, mawnck!

                  I'll try to breath a sigh of relief after your thorough explanation stating that the trailer doesn't represent the final film.

                  I believe most of us will be going to see Tangled, whether the trailer is terrible or not. The real issue is for non-fanatics and it's disheartening how poorly this trailer will likely be received. It will impact release receipts.

                  With any fortune, Disney will work quickly to churn out another trailer that is more reflective of what the film is.


                  Perhaps this should spin off into a separate thread, but another annoyance that is present in this trailer that is becoming far too common with Disney trailers: showing "clips of the film" that are not in the film.

                  It's an odd way of promotion to me, as there's a difference between showing non-film clips in the trailer that are clearly NOT part of the film, and showing non-clips in the trailer that ARE part of the film. We've seen this recently in the trailers for Tangled, Alice in Wonderland, and The Princess and the Frog. I think this approach is a wrong move for Disney.


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