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King Kong 3-d....


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  • King Kong 3-d....

    Nov. 09, 2005

    The Vine: 3-D makeover of 'Kong' eyed

    Now that "Chicken Little" is a 3-D hit, could Peter Jackson's hairy ape be the next animated critter to take the big screen in 3-D? In-Three, an Agoura Hills, Calif.-based postproduction company that converts traditional live-action and animated movies into 3-D, already is at work applying its patented and trademarked "dimensionalization" process to "King Kong" for director Jackson (HR 1/14). Although there has been ongoing speculation that "Kong" eventually could reach out from the screen, that talk is taking on added urgency. In-Three offers 3-D shutter glasses, which exhibitors could use to show films without specially treated screens, though so far exhibitors have shown resistance to the idea of using the elaborate glasses, which are expensive to replace and require washing after every screening. In-Three's Michael Kaye declined comment. Real D, which joined with Industrial Light + Magic, Dolby and the Walt Disney Co. to turn "Chicken" into a 3-D event, could be another candidate to usher a 3-D "Kong" into theaters. Real D is promising that it will announce as early as next week the next film it will tackle. Asked whether that film was "Kong," Real D CEO Josh Greer declined comment. Even if Real D were to take on the assignment, though, it doesn't look feasible that it would be part of "Kong's" initial Dec. 14 bow. (For one thing, the Real D-equipped theaters probably still will be showing "Chicken.") But the betting is, whoever is involved, a 3-D "Kong" will appear in theaters several months into the movie's run. (Jackson, a natural showman, sold extra tickets to his first two "Lord of the Rings" movies when he augmented them with first-look trailers of their respective sequels.) A Universal spokesman denied that any plans are afoot to give "Kong" a 3-D boost during its run, saying, "No, ('King Kong') will not be shown in 3-D." But 3-D fans can still dream, can't they? (Sheigh Crabtree)
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