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Fraggle Rock Movie (2012)


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  • Fraggle Rock Movie (2012)

    Who has heard about the upcoming Fraggle Rock movie?

    I used to remember watching this on the disney channel.

    The good news is that it will not be computer generated, but still use the old fashioned puppets.

    The bad news is that the Weinstiens want the movie to be more edgy. You can read about it in this interview

    How does this sound to you? I would rather see the Fraggles just as they were.
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    Re: Fraggle Rock Movie (2012)

    That Robot Chicken segement were the Fraggles become the victims of a RAID commerical. That seems a lot more enjoyable than anything this mistake can produce.
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      Re: Fraggle Rock Movie (2012)

      I loved the show when I was a kid, my favorite was Wembley, [ame=""]YouTube- Fraggle Rock theme[/ame]

      I first heard about this project almost a year ago but a recent article says the project is on hold, mainly because they haven't hired a writer for the film adaption. The idea that they want an edgier Fraggle Rock, just doesn't fly with me, and a great way to ruin a classic

      Source: Fraggle Rock Movie Delayed Because The Weinsteins Want To Make It Edgy


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