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Chicken Little Review and how Disney Digital will Change the way You See Movies...


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  • Chicken Little Review and how Disney Digital will Change the way You See Movies...

    Chicken Little is Disney’s first fully computer animated film without help from the animators at Pixar. (Finding Nemo, Toy Story, etc.) Experts saw this film as the last chance Disney had to gain hold of the animation market they created more than seventy years ago. Disney went all out for this film, hiring well known actors to voice the characters, as well as converting the entire film in to a brand new format that will change the film industry as we know it. Disney Digital 3-D. Oh yes, it has a decent story too, along with some great animation and hilarious jokes.

    The film satirizes pop culture, much like Dreamworks’ Shrek. But Chicken Little does it in a rather different way. In one scene, a large ball chases a crowd of people a la “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” But not only does the ball follow them, it crashes into a movie theater where town members are watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ladies and gentlemen, that is irony at its best. Chicken Little’s storyline is unique.

    Chicken Little is a little chicken who was completely embarrassed when a piece of what appeared to be the sky fell on top of him a year ago. He sent the entire town into a panic by claiming that everyone was in danger. When he was questioned about the so called emergency, Chicken replied that the sky was falling. When no one believed him, including his own father, his self esteem dropped to nil. His father insisted it was just a falling acorn, not a piece of the sky. The acorn incident left Chicken Little with a determined mindset to restore his reputation. His friends, Abby Mallard (Ugly Duckling), Runt of the Litter and Fish Out of Water, get Chicken to join the Baseball Team.

    Chicken Little’s father was a baseball all-star when he was in school and Chicken wanted his dad to be proud of him. Chicken Little succeeds on the Baseball team, and his father is proud of him- yet they still can’t talk heart to heart, as Chicken is still too embarrassed about the whole acorn incident. But just when things look up for Chicken, another piece of the sky falls on him. And when that piece of the sky turns out to be a part of an alien spaceship, Chicken and his friends attempt to save the world without sending the town into a new panic.

    Disney needed this film to be a box-office hit for various reasons. Disney needed more leverage on the negotiating table to bring back Pixar. Disney’s recent releases haven’t done well in the box office, and Disney has been relying on Pixar to supply them with box office hits. Now that Pixar’s contract with Disney is up for renewal, they need to show to the world that they can make good movies on their own, and that Pixar is not essential to Disney’s success. Disney also needs to make a decent deal with Pixar to continue the partnership. There is even talk that Disney might attempt to buy Pixar, so Disney had to make sure this movie was a success.

    So how do you guarantee a success? Well, there’s no real way, but introducing new technology to a movie always helps. Disney has a master plan to release films in theaters as well as on DVD on the same day. This creates a question, “Why would I go to a movie theater when I can just watch a DVD of the movie at home with my surround sound system?” The answer is quite simple. The experience. But the uniqueness of a movie theater isn’t enough alone, so Disney needed something else. Something more. George Lucas, Dolby, Christie Projectors, and Disney worked on an amazing project to bring Digital 3-D to movie theaters. Thus Disney created the new standard beyond HD, Disney Digital 3-D.

    Sure, you’ve probably seen a 3-D movie at a movie theater before. The kind of movie where you wear those cheap red and blue 3-D glasses that half the people in the audience can’t see anyway. The quality of the picture is horrible, and the movie experience just doesn’t work. But when you have digital projectors, you can create 3-D quality unmatched anywhere. Now those red and blue glasses are obsolete, and clear 3-D glasses have replaced them to provide moviegoers with a crystal clear 3-D image. And the best part about the 3-D concept is that it can’t be duplicated in a home. TVs can not display a 3-D movie- only projectors can. These theaters use specially made projectors that are well out of range for consumers to purchase. And with that, the problem about not going to the movies is solved. People will still go, just because people can’t get the same effect back home.

    Of course, you can put all the technology you want into a movie, and unless it has a good story and good take home values, no one will see it. Well, Chicken Little definitely delivers. The underlying story in Chicken Little is about a father and son who can’t talk heart-to-heart. This is because Chicken Little’s father doesn’t always believe him, and this also causes Chicken’s self-esteem and his trust in his father to fall very low. This particular element crosses over into major issues in many families today. Parents don’t always have the time to listen to their kids, and they don’t always believe everything that their kids tell them either. Chicken Little reminds parents to listen to their kids, and to make sure that their kids know that they can always go to their parents for unconditional love. This is a key take-home value in the movie. The moral of the story really leaves you with a good feeling when you leave. At first glance, the film’s story about aliens attacking seems somewhat odd, and it attempts to turn away potential viewers. In reality, the story is actually very solid, and is just a really fun film to watch. Yes, there are aliens, but they’re not attacking everyone.

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