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How big a Star Trek fan are you?


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  • How big a Star Trek fan are you?

    Enough to want this?

    I'm a little curious as to who they're targeting. Any big Star Trek fan will probably have gotten quite a bit of what's included in the set, so why would they buy it again? Anyone who hasn't bought any of it probably isn't a big enough fan or has enough resources to be spending around $2,500 to $3,000 (if you can find it on sale from the $4,000 list price) at one time.
    We have all of the classic Trek episodes, all the Next Generation episodes and all the movies. I think we have all of DS9, but I can't remember. We have no interest in getting Voyager, and I'd only be interested in the first season of Enterprise. So here's $3,000 I don't have to spend!

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    Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

    I think this is just a bundle that Amazon has made... they do that every now and then.

    The one I really want is the one with EVERY Criterion Collection release.


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      Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

      OMG!!!!! That's a lot of Trek right there! I seriously doubt the average person would want or need to purchase that entire package all at once, but there are probably some people willing to do it. It's such overload though. It's all available seperately and I'm sure that's the route most often taken.


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        Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

        I'm only really interested in TNG. I so far have the first 4 seasons...attempting to buy the rest.
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          Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

          We like just TNG too. We have the first three seasons. Guess I'll get hubby the next few seasons for Christmas. I think that $2,000 for Star Trek is a bit much. But then again there are people who will pay any amount to have a complete collection.



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            Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

            5'5" ...just kididng. That's one tremendous collection! Thanks for the heads up. I must say, I'm crazy about all of the Trek series'. Deep Space 9 is the only one that didn't particulaly enthrawl me. Although it's likely a moot point with some, both the writing and acting were mediocre. The premise was stagnate *** well. Since a space station never goes anywhere (let alone where no one has gone before) the writers created a wormhole, and wormholed us to death. It really sucked.

            ENTERPRISE on the other hand was truely more of an exciting afdventure, like the original series. Time will prove that it was prematurely cancelled, just like the original. I believe that the future will hold terrific films based on ENTERPRISE and perhaps even Voyager.
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              Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

              I like TNG because it was fun.


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                Re: How big a Star Trek fan are you?

                The Star Trek Season DVDs are way too expensive to begin with. Each season averages about $100. Seasons of Stargate SG-1 are around $50, and it's not uncommon to find them around $30. I really think Paramount's inflating the prices of these DVDs because they know they'll sell. And that's why I've never bought one.
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