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GOF: Regular or IMAX


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  • GOF: Regular or IMAX

    I have been trying all morning now to get in touch with a theater showing GOF in IMAX to find the running time. But all I get are pre-recorded messages from every theater. IMAX itself doesn't list the running time for the movie. One theater out in Ontario has a listing for both theaters and shows both with a running time of 2hr 30min.

    Does anybody know if this is true? I was led to beleive that this movie was 2hours 58 minutes, which means something is wrong somewhere.

    I don't want to see this movie if it has been cut for IMAX. And why would a theater show a shorter running time for both versions?

    Somebody on this group must have a connection somewhere that can clear this up. Thanks.
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    Re: GOF: Regular or IMAX

    I wanted to go on IMAX!!!!! trust me it's gonna look great on IMAX... too bad the nearest theater is too far away from me... aww shucks I hope I get to see it on IMAX.
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