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In Defense of George Lucas


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  • In Defense of George Lucas

    In Defense of George Lucas - The Moviefone Blog

    I'm not soo much against the Redo but it does make the films look like they sucked when they first came out so they had to Add CGI and make it look nice when it already did.

    As for his new movies they suck....he does not know how to direct people.....he had some REALLY good actors in his prequels yet they did not preform well....its kinda there fault but his for not being able to make the characters feel real and the story's that made no sense.

    I do not hate him.....the Clone Wars is a fun series to watch but for the most part it is held back by Lucas (or at least that's what they say in the episode guides)

    I love his old films and really don't like his new ones.
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    Re: In Defense of George Lucas

    O.K. the guy wrote an article in defense of Uncle George.
    ANOTHER article of digging up old points and arguments from years past.

    This Moviefone twit is complaining about the complainers?
    Enough. And he's complaining about people wasting time on this subject.
    Oops I just did it too. LOL
    Crazy Larry loves ya! ......Hurry up before they lock me up!

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      Re: In Defense of George Lucas

      That guy wrote a really bad article with such a disgusting tone that nobody will be convinced of any truth he may have wrote.

      I've also been telling everyone that Lucas vows to donate half his fortune to charity so if he wants to "sell out", more power to him.

      ...but he HAS made some horrible cinematic choices recently. There's no defending that opinion/fact.

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