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Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

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  • Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

    even though I consider Cars the weakest of the Pixar Movies (but not by much), Cars 2 was a huge improvement for me over the original. I don't come from a small town, so maybe that's why I can't relate. This is an international movie, and if anyone has been abroad, there are so many details to catch. The characters are definitely the focus of the movie as this is a bro-mance film with spies.

    Plus I'm not a Nascar fan, so having Nascar, Rally, a bunch of open wheel cars, etc. brings a breath of fresh air. The racing scenes are phenomenal, and the jokes had me laughing throughout. It's still charming despite being a worldly movie.

    The locations are gorgeous, and Japan is extremely kinetic! And London looked phenomenal.

    The only part I was disappointed with was the short in the beginning. Ken & Barbie? It had potential, but in the end it was a huge let down. I prefer the shorts that don't have anything to do with other Pixar films.

    Keep a look out of Jeff Gorvette!

    A few jokes may go over kids heads, but without spoiling anything, some parts of the plot may be predictable for adults that are fantastic for little ones.

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    Re: Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

    i don't come from a small town either but i love Cars. i prefer it over films such as A Bug's Life and Wall.E. i don't get how people say it wasn't that great when it had the Pixar formula all over it.

    glad you enjoyed it, i can't wait for next week.


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      Re: Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

      I will say that my favorite parts of Wall-E are where there isn't a single bit of dialogue. To me, the movie just isn't as good once people are involved. And A Bug's Life, although technically is inferior visually than all of the newest movies, is a take on one of my favorite movies, Seven Samurai. I think for me, Cars just was the least engaging film for me out of all Pixar movies. But marketing the merchandise has made it the most successful in that way.

      I'm wondering if people obsess too much on "villains" in a movie, since Cars didn't essentially have one?


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        Re: Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

        Cars is not bad......but its like a 7/10 for me and most Pixar Films like Up or Toys Story get a 10/10 and for me Bugs life is a 9/10 cause I love Flick as the main good guy and Hooper was a great villain.

        So its not that Cars, Wall-e of Ratitooie is bad...just not my favorite films like other Pixar movies, I'm sure Cars 2 will be ok but nothing close to Up or Toy story where I got emotional.....I'll have to wait for Brave to feel that kinda emotion in a movie again
        Happy Halloween!!!


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          Re: Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

          Cars 2 received very poor reviews from rottentomatoes. It's the first stain in the Pixar movie history. I'm so sad. i hope its much better than everyone says it is


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            Re: Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

            Just saw Cars 2 a few hours ago so it's still processing in my brain, but overall it's a decent popcorn flick. It does not have the great emotional storytelling that Up or Toy Story 3 had in abundance. It will sell a lot of toys, and if that was Disney's purpose then they succeeded. There were all kinds of cool race cars from different countries, and unlike the original Cars which had very few "cool" looking race cars, this one has a ton of them. They'll be pumping out different ones and race tracks for them to ride on for years and years to come...

            I think a lot of the negative reviews dervie from this being a Pixar film and everyone expects great art (including me). If this were a Dreamworks film, it would have a lot more positive reviews because the expectations and standards are so much lower. Cars 2 is still a better film with emotion than any Dreamworks film to my mind. I like Mater, and find him a sympathetic character who is amusing and likable in this film's dramatic plight. The film does suffer from the change in directors as there are some very awkward cuts that were jarring, which never happened in previous Pixar films that were always seamless. Brad Lewis must have left bit of a mess for Lassetter to clean up, and Lassetter did what he could with the time he had. The movie feels quite pat at times, but it does have some nice highlights, especially the Japanese scenes are clever and well-done. There are some good jokes, but for the most part they are hackneyed or predictable.

            In sum, it won't hurt my appreciation for Carsland when it opens, it was not that bad (it was not Mars Needs Moms), but it could have and should have been better. Perhaps if Lassetter had another six months to work on it then it would have been as seamless as at least the original Cars in direction. But it will sell a ton of merchandise as this is Disney's stab at the Thomas the Tank Engine property of anthropomorphic vehicles.

            The opening Toy Story vignette was cute, but also felt pat and lacked its usual sharp wit and humor.


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              Re: Saw Cars 2 this morning @ an early preview and...

              Cars 2 - Pixars worst film, ever???
              June 24th, 2011 by Russ Fischer
              It’s only fair, I suppose, that if we run articles trumpeting the fact that other Pixar movies have achieved some form of massively positive consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, that when the company finally releases one that falls far short of the same margin, it would be worth noting. So this weekend will stand as a milestone in the history of Pixar, as Cars 2 opens to the first generally negative consensus opinion in the company’s experience.

              That isn’t to say that the film will be a flop. Far from it, in fact. It isn’t tracking through the roof, but Cars 2 will perform well enough, even if it doesn’t hit the box-office highs of other Pixar films. This is primarily a critical failure. But while there is that oft-discussed gulf between critical and public opinion, some critical failures do suggest that producers really misjudged what audiences want. Cars characters have moved ten billion bucks worth of merchandise in the past five years, which sure suggests there is an audience for a sequel. I’m eager to see how most audiences respond to the film, then.

              I certainly take no joy in noting this, and curiously enough I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else reveling in the general distaste for Cars 2, either. The prevailing opinion seems to be that Pixar had to swing and miss sometime. That they did so with the film that is obviously the studio’s most commercial effort is balanced by the fact that Pixar co-founder and Cars 2 director John Lasseter very evidently approached the film with no cynicism at all. (Or, I’ll say, that I am willing to believe him when he talks about the film, which he does with a great deal of investment and passion.)

              In the long term, there will be time to muse on just what happened. Is the movie really too commercial an effort? Did Pixar let it get out of balance? Was John Lasseter simply overburdened? As he recently told Vulture,
              I’m the chief creative officer of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Disney Toon Studios, and I’m the principal creative advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering, where I go over there and help create rides and attractions and shows. Each one of those is a full-time job, and then on top of that I’m directing a movie, which is more than a full-time job.
              And then what will the reception of Cars 2 do to the mindset at Pixar, if anything? The company is well-known for adjusting to material that doesn’t work, famously scrapping versions of films even when they’re pretty far along (such as the pre-Brad Bird version of Ratatouille) and working at a story until they get it right. The decision to make sequels for Cars and Monsters, Inc. has met with criticism and resistance, and even Pixar seems to be aware that people want the company to make original films rather than sequels. Just see the marketing ramp-up for Brave, a slightly darker-than-usual Pixar film, which most audiences will discover for the first time when a teaser runs in front of Cars 2. Will the rotten rating of this weeks opening push the balance back towards films like Brave?
              Source: ‘Cars 2′ Will Be Pixar’s First ‘Rotten’ Movie | /Film